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So I have to do a VHL.com article because I got a trivia question wrong, and I couldn't just do two reviews. This is the second time I've got a Trivia Question wrong even though I looked through the portal to get the answer. The question was, what player had more goals than Scotty Campbell in career playoff games. Naturally, I went to Scotty's HOF article and looked at the bottom for career stats; it shows 32 Goals. The next polayer I look up is Dakota Lamb because I know he's in the portal. Portal states Lamb has 43 playoff goals. I assume this is the right answer.... but no. So here we are. 


I don't know why this cheesed me so much; maybe it's because I'm here once again on a Sunday evening doing my VHL chores, and not really enjoying it. I'd rather be spending my time elsewhere, and that's probably not a good sign. I'm likely to take another extended break after Markinson, as I'm feeling like my motivation isn't there anymore. Even when I do make a sig, something I do enjoy doing, I have these brain-dead people reviewing them giving my 6/10 because my text isn't clear enough.. Like they literally want a paint sig. Even when I go to review, I only like reviewing @Franksigs, at least they are different every week. I mean IR is getting good, not meant to throw shade, it just feels like the graphic community here died with gorlab. 


Anyways, I hope no one reads this, cause I feel like it's kinda a downer write-up lol..

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