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My Random VHL Thoughts - S82 - Part 5

Fire Fletcher

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  • Man, is it next season yet? It feels like I haven't played in 3 weeks and we're not even done the playoffs yet, let alone the extra long off-season to account for the attribute changes.
  • Speaking of the attribute changes, I'm really excited to see them implemented. I cannot take any credit for any of the detailed work that went into the numbers portion of the change, but playing around with it, it seems like we'll get much more balanced builds. I'm sure at some point people will start to put together some type of "highly efficient" build, but the beauty of this is that the individual weights can be changed if our of "our" attributes becomes too out-of-whack.
  • I'm a little surprised that more people aren't opting for the game recaps as a way of earning capped TPE. Granted, ever since trivia came back, I've only used them when I've missed a trivia question, and I'm guessing that most people use it only for that reason as well.
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