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An Unreal Experience


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An Unreal Experience


Moscow- As the VHL regular season comes to a close, Sergey Preobrazhensky has had the honour of competing for the Moscow Menace in the VHL playoffs. “It seemed like it was just yesterday I landed in Moscow to play for this team,” said Preobrazhensky jokingly. “Everything is happening very fast for me, it’s sometimes hard to live in the moment for me,” Sergey added. 


Moscow just squeaked into the playoffs and hopes to go deep in the cup race. First up, Sergey and the Menace would have to face the Malmo Nighthawks. It was no easy task that’s for sure. Malmo put up a huge fight against Moscow, with the likes of Nathaniel Minion and Taylor Mourning leading the pack. Although there were some early struggles for the Menace, they clutched up and took the series in 5. Now the series is onto London, where the series is tied up a 1-1.


Sergey has done fairly well in the playoffs, with 5 assists, still seeking his first ever goal in the playoffs. But Sergey wasn’t there for individual honours, he was there to bring Moscow the Continental Cup. Only time will tell if his hope will come true…

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