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Houston Moves on to the Semis


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Well, it took five games, but the Founder's Cup favourite Houston Bulls managed to spring a leak in the #BOATGANG as Houston finally sunk Halfifax last night by a score of 3-1. The Bulls take the series 4-1, but many were surprised at how close this series really was overall. Many of the games were fairly close at the end of the day, and Halifax even stomped the Bulls in their only win in the series. The Bulls stars will definitely need to put their best foot forward from here on out if they want to capture a title. Luckily though, some other players stepped up admirably in round one. Most notably. the duo of Jack Hextall at center with Nine at his wing connected for a ton of offense. Both players put up nine points over the five games in round one, while the soon-to-be defenseman of the year Hammer Voss was right behind them with eight points. The Bulls now look ahead to the semi-finals where they will turn their focus to Mexico City. Be sure to tune in this week to catch all the action!

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