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Deathwalker: The Hits Keep Coming


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Malmo captain Druss Deathwalker continues to climb the VHL’s leaderboard for all-time hits. After hitting a career-high of 413, tied with former Helsinki defenseman Nick Fisher for the 12th-highest single-season total in history, Deathwalker now sits in 21st place with 2165 career hits with two more seasons to go. Next in his sights are a couple of Hall of Famers in Leeroy Jenkins @Squinty (20th, 2182 hits) and Mikko Lahtinen @Beketov (19th, 2183) and recently retired Groovy Dood @bigAL (18th, 2191). Deathwalker became just the 10th player in league history with six seasons of 300+ hits, just the fifth player with six consecutive seasons of 300+ hits, and only the third player in history to start their career with six consecutive seasons of 300+ hits, joining Fook Yu @Baozi and HOFer Brennan McQueen @Jamie. If Deathwalker can crash his way to 300 hits again in S83 he will join McQueen as the only other player to have seven consecutive seasons of 300+ hits to start a career and in general and Deathwalker will have done something McQueen never did - have 400+ hits in a VHL season (although McQueen did have 410 hits in his lone VHLM season). So, who will be crushed in Deathwalker's quest for the record? Will it be you?



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