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Trying to pick a Team in the JST


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You'd think picking a team to cheer for would be a no-brainer, considering Team Clue is in the JST again this season. But it turned out to really not be that simple, as my GM FB will be AGMing for the Steel, Mubbles is AGMing for the Royals, I've been shooting the shit a lot with coleh and Spartan in the Brigades LR and obviously Team Clue is being GMd by #TeamClue member Alexandre. So really I guess the Warriors are the odd ones out?


Regardless of who I cheer for or who wins, that tournament is a good time. Great for scouting as well, as it gives you a lot of insight into who is/isn't a LR presence. Something that not every 1st gen necessarily realizes is a pretty big deal in your draft stock. Sure we all love a max earner, but if given the choice between someone with LR presence that does 8-10 TPE a week and someone without it that max earns every week. It's honestly a much harder decision, at least at the E level. A lot of the time you just won't know, and have to simply go off their updating habits when drafting. Maybe trying to get an idea of who to look at from their press conference answers, as well? But with the JST, you don't have to do that as much, you can just get the scout role and hang around the LRs and naturally find out who's who among the prospects. Which is a lot more fun than grinding through phoned in presser responses.😅


Last season, since I was the GM for Team Clue I didn't have that option, which made scouting the VHLE draft a lot more work. So it's nice to get this bird's eye view of the tournament this season. Big props to the JST commish crew for organizing it as always, and good luck to all the GMs and players!

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Totally didn't mix up two teams because their names are too generic. I promise!
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