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Carson Hound Junior Review


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Early Life

How did Carson Hound come to be in the VHLM? Well it’s a decently long story with some bumps along the way. Carson was born 16 years ago to an American playing in the National League and a Swiss native. As Carson started to age his father’s career winded down and he switched his focus to becoming more of a family man. Carson started to skate at the age of 4 and joined his local youth team. Being the son of a professional gave him advantages over his competition, and his size advantages allowed him to have his way with his opponents.


Rising Profile


By the time he was 13 he was already playing for the SC Bern U-16 team and was able to score 10 goals, dish out 30 assists, and get 55 hits in 30 games. After this season Carson started to receive interest from many National League teams as well as CHL fans touting him for the future. The ultimate goal was Carson to make the VHL, but since his family didn’t know what path he should’ve taken at that point, they decided to stay in Switzerland for another year and garner more interests from scouts. Moving up to the U-17 squad, the 14 year old Carson was having trouble adjusting. The top prospects in Switzerland were in the same league as him  and the added physicality was something Carson couldn’t play against. The first half of the season wasn’t anything groundbreaking and the team considered dropping him down to U-16 before he hit a growth spurt and shot up to 6’4. He wasn’t the heaviest at 190 pounds, but the added size helped Carson take more hits and gain some of his confidence back. He finished the season with 7 goals and 25 assists, plus 45 hits, and while the season wasn’t as good as his debut season, he grew another 2 inches and gained 15 pounds during his offseason.


Senior Debut

Carson’s dad decided that Carson would head to Canada once he turned 16 to play in the CHL, but before they could make the move they heard from a representative of Frölunda HC. They wanted Carson to come play for their U-20 squad, and knowing the exposure this would bring him, they decided to move to Sweden and take the offer. Carson played exceptionally well for someone his age, and late in the season was even able to appear in 5 games for the senior squad, making his professional debut at the age of 16. He got an assist in the last game of the season to score his first pro points and then was a reserve for the team's failed playoff run. After the season ended he hired an agent as he was no longer eligible for the CHL, and the Houston Bulls signed him to a contract. He still played the first half of the season for Frölunda before suiting up for Houston, and had a much better time on the senior side, scoring 2 goals and 10 assists in 15 games. We are now at the end of Carson’s first season, with his Bulls in the season’s Founder’s Cup finals against the Wild. The VHLM draft is looking after the conclusion of this series, so once this series ends, he will get drafted for the first time and get to the main part of his VHL career. 



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