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The Ducky Interviews featuring Landon Wolanin Episode 7

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Welcome back everyone to another episode of the Ducky Interviews featuring the one and only Landon Wolanin! It has been a few weeks since our last upload and we apologize profusely for that, but Landon was unavailable at the time, which makes a great opening question. Landon what’ve you been up to for the last few weeks?


Boy is it great to be back Ducky. I have had to do a lot of planning over the last few weeks and I wanted to take the time to get a real, solid answer before I came back on the show about what I’m doing next season. There have been a lot of changes up top about how I can train and how much and how long the offseason is, so I thought I had a pretty solid timeline, but alas times change. I also don’t want to continue to stunt my potential development by not pushing myself forwards always.


That was a whole lot of words, but not a lot of details, can you give us any more about what all of this planning has turned into?


Absolutely. As you’ve probably heard by now, after some of my press releases at the end of last week, I will be going all in on the VHLE next season. I had originally intended to stay down in the VHLM, which I have made it very obvious is a situation I’ve loved to play in. I’ve been working on how I can stay connected to the VHLM as I move on, and I’ll certainly be hanging around my old teams and seeing what I can do. I am very excited to embrace the VHLE and hit the ground running, as I have been training very hard to catch up on the silent weeks.


Although there will likely be some shifts and changes due to positional need, where do you see yourself going in the VHLE draft, and what about the VHL draft?

Honestly, I don’t even try to look at that stuff. I’ll go where I go and whoever picks me will get everything I have to offer. That’s all I really care about. You’ll get the same Landon Wolanin if I get picked first overall and last. I’ve heard at least for the VHLE draft somewhere in the first couple of rounds? I have no idea about the VHL draft, that’s definitely a future problem for me.


Do you have any final thoughts on your time in the VHLM?


Definitely not my final thoughts, since we all know I love the VHLM, but I’ve had a blast putting in a solid season between San Diego and Las Vegas. I’m glad I got the chance to enjoy some of the playoffs, and I’ve made some great connections with other players and management in the league. I also learned a lot about training and strategy that I hope to take forward with me. I think I’ve gotten everything I’ve wanted as a player which is really what the VHLM is designed for.


Thanks as always for coming Landon, and hopefully the listeners won’t have to wait too long to hear from you next.  


528 words claiming week of March 27th

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