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Chiang Rookie Expierence


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As the playoffs are coming to a close, Chiang has begun to think of how his rookie season has gone for him. If you have not followed the young Riga forward you may not be aware of how disappointed he has been in how his rookie season has been personally. Chiang started his professional hockey career with Miami where you took the teams single season goal record and pushed them into a playoff spot. Miami may have been eliminated in the first round after being swept, but Chiang was excited moving forward because he scored plenty of goals and thought he would be a strong force moving into the E. However, Chiang struggled with Stockholm and therefore was only playing around 6 minutes per game. Near the trade deadline, Chiang was traded to Oslo where he found his spark and absolutely took-off. In the second half of the season, Chiang scored 95 points in 40 goals pushing himself to 4th place in points in the league. This was a major increase as in the first half of the season Chiang had only 16 points in 32 games. This season made the Riga faithful extremely excited to see Chiang in Riga in S82.

When Chiang started the season in Riga, he was putting up a near point per game for about 10 games, but this output would not hold.  He would go on multiple mulit-game pointless streaks while the rest of Rigas rookies would also struggle. Luckily Riga would have plenty of veterans who would score goals throughout the season and push the team near the front of the standings. As the season moved forward Chiang would continue to struggle as he would fall below .5 points per game near the trade deadline as he was pushed to the third line and began getting similar minutes to when he was in Stockholm. He was playing as if he was back in Stockholm, but this time around he would not be traded and would just stick to the grinding role as a 3rd line forward. While Chiang would grind away for any points he could get, Riga would continue to perform well and push into the playoffs. The team atmosphere was good and they were looking forward towards the playoffs. 

As we sit now Riga sits one loss away from going golfing and two wins away from the finals. Chiang has performed somewhat better than he has throughout the regular season, but Chiang and the rest of the Riga Reign must begin to dig deeper if they wish to reach the finals in the rookie season of much of their new core. Fans can also look and wonder will Chiang begin producing next season, or was Chiang over-hyped? Only the future can tell us what will happen.

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