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S82 Team World Roster Announcement


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Team World. The absolute peak high water mark of prestige that any young hockey player can achieve. Other teams will talk a big game, but who do they represent? Countries? Continents? Step aside, small fry, Team World claims ownership to each and every country across all seven continents.


Our roster is stacked top to bottom with only the brightest and most capable athletes the world has to offer. Travel expenses are exorbitant, but it’s a price we are willing to pay for the premiere talent that we have lacing up skates on behalf of Team World.




LW - Obi Adesanya - @atw2592 

LW - Benjamin Franklin Chang - @joelunk 

LW - Landon Wolanin - @jacobcarson877 


C - Alessio Simeoni - @Alesime

C - Adison Bond - @adison

C - Adeline Delle Donne - @Dtayl


RW - Cooper Skambraks - @CSkams15

RW - Ryan - @freezyeh 

RW - Alf Larsson - @ng1291



D - Hammar Voss - @BOOM

D - Deron Nesbitt - @AW13

D - Scoish Velociraptor Meloish - @youloser1337

D - Cody Kapanen - @TrickyRicky58



G - Thomas Price - @Thunderidge

G - Gavin Zininger - @ScoreAGoalBudEh


Welcome to the team everyone, let’s go win a championship!


Join the WJC discord server here: https://discord.gg/5rQ4CAY9

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