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Town of Gotham #1


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Welcome to Gotham City!





It's a quiet day in Gotham as it's citizens are milling about, enjoying a little bit of peace and serenity. For they know, it cannot last. Everyone knows that Gotham is home to some of the most vile, the most corrupted and twisted personalities. This is especially true at night, where Gothams Most Wanted regularly treat the city as their own personal playground. For the citizens of Gotham they put their hope in vigilantes, symbols of hope, and the few that dare stand against the chaos. With super villains plotting, can you Gotham and it's citizens survive? Town of Gotham...begins! 

List of Players Left Alive 




With that the First Day Phase Has Begun!



*Notes: As is the case with Town of Salem, Gotham cannot vote to jail anybody on the first day. However any roles listed abilities that state "Choose during the day" may be used. As is the case with any specific role ability, to use stuff like that you just need to DM me on Discord your intended action. Night actions occur on the first night as well, so enjoy the little bit of peace that is going to come from the first spell of day phase here. I'm going to leave this Day Phase a little longer just to make sure everyone has time to get in on the Discord, see what their roles are and figure out what in the blue hell is even going/they want to do. Thanks for playing, see you on the other side. :cheers: 

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Just some quick clarification as I've had a few people ask me about this/not realize that is how it was worded. Despite the fact that town can't vote to jail someone on Day 1, ANY ability that reads "during the day choose" can be used, and has to be used during the day phase. To do so just DM your action and then I'll lock it into play. Also if you do have questions, probably better to DM them to me to avoid you know potentially revealing crucial information. That is all. 

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One more final heads up. All players are confirmed and we are just waiting on one to hop into the Discord otherwise. I'm going to tentatively set the end of the First Day Phase to 1 AM ET (So about 5 hours from now.) I'll leave the night phase open for 12 hours, just to let everyone get a second to get stuff in, so expect tomorrows Day Phase to start at 1 PM ET. I don't know if I'll be sticking entirely to that schedule throughout but for the first day it seems fair enough. 

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10 minutes ago, Doomsday said:

I should probably mention something...




I'm Commissioner James Gordon.


Protection please!


So, just so everyone is aware this works exactly like the Mayor in Town of Salem. Meaning a Gordon confirmation will be confirmed by the person running the game. I will in fact be confirming this role reveal. Just a FYI in case ya'll forget, this also means starting tomorrow Commissioner Gordons vote counts for 3 to jail. 


Carry on! 


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The first day phase has ended, everyone with Day choices I believe has already put in their actions but if you have a night action (some have both a day and a night so confirm) feel free to get those in now as we are in the first night phase. May god have mercy on all of Gotham, although who knows we'll have to find out how chaotic this is going to be after I wake up from my sort of slumber. I'll be sticking with the same time (1 PM ET) for opening this up so ignore the fact that I closed this half hour late. 


DM me your actions on Discord or post them and tag them if you are in one of the Bat-Family or Mob Discord channels. See you in the morning citizens of Gotham. 

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Night 1 is over!


A quiet night in Gotham? Never. We have some actions to report on. 


@Advantage has been killed by a death attack! His role was...


GCPD Scout


@Doomsday our confirmed Commissioner Gordon has been ASSASSINATED! @Berocka packs up his things and collects his money, he has slain one of his targets and gets a win this game. Berocka leaves the game....he was Deadshot! His two targets were Mr. Freeze and Commissioner Gordon.  *(Note for dead players, the you have been added to the Graveyard. Remember that Ra's Al Ghul has 3 players he can bring back to life as it is his win condition. Feel free to post as you like to Ra's and try to get yourself back in the game.) 


@Molholt has been sent to jail! You do not learn the role of someone who is sent to jail. All living players with access to the Jail Discord can now join Molholt in Jail though and communicate as they see fit. 


That concludes that the public gathers from last nights events. Gordon is dead and with him the hope of a Bat-Signal gleaming in the sky is also gone. Gotham sits in fear, wondering what is yet to come. 

Day 2 Has Begun!  

Player List


1. @Ricer13
2. @Spartan
3. @Zack
4. @Goliathus
6.  Doomsday (Dead) 
7. @Adrest245
8. @NSG
9. @jhatty8
10. @Ben
11.  ADV (Dead)
12. @rory
13. Berocka (Deadshot, Wins the game for Killing one of his targets) 
14. @Jericho
15.  @Squidward
16. @Molholt (In Jail) 
17. @Ptyrell


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1 minute ago, Spartan said:

That was a quick win for Berocka sheesh. No one protected Gordon?


Per Deadshots ability - Once per game at night choose a target. At the start of the next day phase you assassinate that target. (This isn't an attack.) 


Normally Deadshot would need to you know, figure out the identity of his targets and save his once per game for that as it's pretty OP. He just happened to get a target who gained something from exposing himself. That isn't to say there couldn't of been any protection that could save him, but mostly something that negates or a GCPD Sniper potentially. Deadshots targets are randomized at the start of the game though and aren't just good guys. Just a great luck of the draw for Berocka on that one, and already throws a wheel of chaos into things for Gotham. 

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lol rip


So, hopefully with Devise mentioning Ra's Al Ghul they are actually in the game. Bringing back Gordon is probably the best town they could bring back. I just read up on Ra and they win by bringing back 3 players from different factions, but there is a 1 night cool down. Since there aren't any other dead faction members I think it would be very nice of ol' Ra's Al Ghul to bring back Gordon tonight.

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