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I am dead inside. I can't believe we lost in the finals after having a 3-0 series lead. That has like never happened in the history of pro sports. Other than a few times that I can remember (Red Sox over Yankees, Flyers in that one playoff series a while back) this is basically impossible to do. Yet, Cologne found a way to do it. I am partly to blame, as I said in my last 590 that we basically had the series wrapped up. I guess it is on to next season, where I don't believe I will be returning to Cologne as my TPE is nearing the 400 level which appears makes me ineligible for the VHLE. It will be close, I haven't done the math but with the extended off-season it looks like I might be slightly over. If it is the end, I enjoyed my one season in Cologne and will always remember this season because of the shitty way that it ended.

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If we include training camp you'll be well over 400 by the season and it looks like Riga is losing 2 forwards with 2 coming up to replace them (you and Masu), so the quicc maffs work out.

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