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(S84) C - Jackson DeGraves, TPE: 48

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Welcome to the league @Jackson DeGraves I am the GM of Team Clue in the Junior Showcase tournament and I’m here to offer you a place in my roster, the tournament is a great place to start your career and journey in this vhl world (that’s where I begin too 2 season ago). I can offer you second line minutes play time and some special team too. But the most important it’s that you explore the league met some people to live the experience to the fullest. If you want to join team Clue just quote this and reply #IFoundTheClue. Good luck and have fun! 

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Hello @Jackson DeGraves and welcome to the VHL!


I’m ctots, the general manager of the Royals in the Junior Showcase Tournament. Our philosophy for this season is centered on bringing rookies into the spotlight and having a great time together. We’ve got all the resources you might need to get your VHL career started off strong, too. If you’re feeling intimidated or unsure of what to do next, let us give you the Royal treatment!


That’s great, but ctots, what about winning?


I’m glad you asked, because you’re going to love my answer. We’ve got a secret weapon in the AGM position: @MubbleFubbles, a VHLM GM with a TON of experience. We’re going to make sure to get the best performance possible from our players, and you could be on the roster with us.


The tournament is short, but the bonds are forever - don’t pass up your chance to become royalty! If you’re interested, you can join the team now! Just press the quote button at the bottom of this post and reply with #bornRoyal


Wherever you end up for the Junior Showcase Tournament, I wish you the very best of luck in the tournament. Join the discord server too - your team is waiting!

See you on the ice!

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Hello @Jackson DeGraves and welcome to the Victory Hockey League!


I'm coleh, the General Manager of the Brigade in the Junior Showcase Tournament, an off-season tournament for draft eligible players for the next VHLM Dispersal Draft! Currently, the VHLM season is in the playoffs, but this tournament is a great way to get your feet wet in the whole VHL Experience!


Here at the Brigade, we are focused on activity in the locker room, helping newer players get used to the whole experience, and just having a great time! I'm joined by my Assistant General Manager, @Spartan, who has been around the VHL for a long time, and is willing to help you with any questions you need!


The Brigade are willing to offer you 3RD LINE MINUTES with ice time on the SPECIAL TEAMS (Powerplay and/or Penalty Kill). 


Should you choose to accept our offer, quote this with #JoinTheBrigade, and we'll get you situated in our locker room right away! Regardless of what happens, I hope you have an amazing experience and best of luck in the tournament!


JST Discord Link: https://discord.gg/prNyDQwx3h



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8 hours ago, Jackson DeGraves said:

Player Information

Username: Jackson DeGraves

Player Name: Jackson DeGraves

Recruited From: YouTube

Age: 16

Position: C

Height: 65 in.

Weight: 145 lbs.

Birthplace: Canada


Player Page




Hey @Jackson DeGraves! How are you?


My name is Leandro and I'm the GM of the Warriors in the Junior Showcase Tournament (JST) and I'd like you to play with us!


What's the Junior Showcase Tournament?


The JST is a tournament held during the offseason for players available to the season's draft. Its purpose is to help new players understand the VHL during a time when the league is on stand-by. At the same time, it gives the GMs of the teams a platform to scout these players, so it's also the best place for you to be seen by them and get drafted to the best place possible!


Why the Warriors?




I believe the Warriors are the best spot for a new player. When drafting I tried to have a nice mix between new and experienced players, which I believe should help the new players tremendously. In what regards something you want to hear, we're ready to offer you 3rd-Line minutes with the possibility to progress to 2nd!


Ultimately this is a small tournament to help you know the community and learn the ropes, and I hope we can do it together.


If you want to go with us, just quote this message with #JoinTheLegion or send the same message in the general channel on Discord, https://discord.gg/tMMVTUqt

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