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#AsktheBouch: Draft Hype!??!


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Here we are in the final few days of the Season eighty-two and I was considering writing about the teams that are best placed heading into the VHLM draft but I have decided against this since I don`t have the time to complete the research required so instead I am going to give my thoughts on where I would like to be drafted and what I actually might do next season.


Draft Position?

When I first started managing players in the VHL-verse I used to focus on the overall TPE ranking based on the position that a player might be selected. I have since learned that is very much useless as First Generational players tend to be skipped in favor of returning players that will have a much greater understanding of the league as whole thus benefit a team looking at a Championship in multiple different ways that first generational player might not. So where heading into this draft does my player; Pierre Emile Bouchard actually rank? Based on TPE alone he will be a late second round selection or an early third round selection. Is this really where he is likely to be selected? As of right now I don`t know where I stand in the league as I haven`t put too much effort into the league since the Meta-gate started but that was more due to simple not having enough time with three jobs as well as managing the now retired Robert Bouchard in Prague.


What happens if you aren`t selected in the VHLE?

It is an interesting situation where if Pierre isn`t selected to a team that can or is competing for the Championship yet he can reach the 200 TPE limit; if not drafted into the VHLE as I don`t think this is his draft year since I haven`t seen his name around the VHLE yet. Does he become a Free agent when reaching 201 TPE applied? Is it worth or even interesting to jump the VHLM almost all together rather than stay another season with a non-competitive team?


Draft Hype

Nope this time around I am not excited to see where my player might be selected as at the end of the day I learned that I need to manage my player a bit more then I did with Robert. Was it a bad choice staying a full seven years in Prague? Well, no as they tread me very well and I have a lot of respect for both the GM`s that I played for. That being said I would have done things a bit differently had I not been a first Gen manager.


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1 hour ago, Gaikoku-hito said:

Does he become a Free agent when reaching 201 TPE applied?

As it stands as your player is a S84 player, you aren't eligible for the E draft until next season. If you reach 200 TPE by the cutoff, which I'm pretty sure you won't unless it's delayed for the longer off-season. But if, then you still have one full season in the M no matter what. You'll just cap out at 200 TPA same as you would if you hit 200 mid season in the M.


Then in S84 you'll probably either skip the E entirely if you max earn hard enough, or just barely sneak in, since I think with your earning habits you'll at the very least be at the 350 opt up to the VHL, by the time the actual VHLE season starts i S84. So at that point it's probably up to you if you want to skip the E, or do one season there as a capped player.

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My player will be 175 TPE to start next season in the VHLM and should hit 200 TPE by Wk3 or Apr 24th. End of season and start of the VHLE season he will be around 291 TPE and won`t max until around the Playoffs so it looks like a full season in the VHLM (banking) and then a full season in the VHLE. Of course this is all subject to change since I am not accounting for his Uncapped TPE that he can earn.


Edit* if using donation (doubles & 5 Uncapped TPE) this season and the start of next season I could push him straight over the 200 TPE limit by adding additionally another 22 TPE plus scout report (5 TPE) and any other uncapped TPE for fantasy etc.... But I cannot donate as it not allowed from Japan at least what I have tried anyways!!


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