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Malmo Nighthawks jersey retirements


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The Malmo Nighthawks are a team that have not been around for so long but already is starting to make their own history. None of this would have been possible without the help of some important players. For this reason, the Nighthawks are celebrating today the retirement of three jerseys. Please stand up and remove your hat for the national anthem.





Viktor Alexei Kamenov @BigTittySmitty:

Kamenov has played a total of 504 games with the Nighthawks and gained 371 points (89G, 282A) as a defenseman. A player who has always been loyal to the team that drafted him and participated in the conquest of 2 continental cups. This is well deserved for him and we are more than happy to retire his number.




Chris Hylands @hylands:

He may not have spent his entire career in Malmo but he spent enough time to make a big impact on the team. Not only he has gained 434 points ( 190G, 244A) during his time in Malmo but he also was the most impactful player during the first continental cup conquest for the Nighthawks in S75.




Artem Tretiak @Molholt:

Tretiak spent his entire career in Malmo and has been on the roster for both continental cups. As a young rookie backup goalie in S75 and as a starter in S79. He has been a massive piece of the core of this team for his whole time and finished his career with 222 wins in 409 games which is pretty good when you consider that he was the starter during the rebuild. His final save % is at 0.917 and is total goal against average is at 3.30.





This is it for the Nighthawks this season, the total number of retired jerseys is now at 4 and is likely going to increase in the next few seasons.




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It was a pleasure to share the ice with all three of you! @hylands, you set the example for the next generation of Nighthawks. @BigTittySmitty Kamenov was a warrior and it was an honor to be in the trenches with you. @Molholt Tretiak was the reason the Nighthawks won so many nights. Your consistency propelled the franchise to new heights. Congrats! #NighthawksJerseyRising

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