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Analysis of VHLE Team Names Part 3: Istanbul and Rome


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The analysis of the team names of the VHLE rolls along. This time we are reviewing the team names for the franchises that were the two heads of the greatest nation on Earth at the time. Are the team names of these hockey clubs as glorious as the old Roman Empire or do these get a thumbs down from me. I am ready for battle so let's get going.


For a city that has had as many name changes as the former capital of the Eastern Roman Empire, the most interesting part of the Istanbul Red Wolves name is actually the nickname. The name originated from the defunct Moscow Red Wolves who were before being in Moscow were Vasteras' VHLM team. (Probably will bring this team up when I come to the Iron Eagles in this series.) The Moscow Red Wolves names may come from of all things a motorcycle club. The Night Wolves motorcycle club was founded 1989 and has significant influence both in and around Russia even today. This is something very different from the normal team name it appears to be. The name actually translates well as the the grey wolf is a national symbol for Turkey.  What is weird is that the team name has not seemingly direct connection to the endangered namesake North American mammal. Overall, the name works very well for being imported from elsewhere. Maybe it would fit slightly better as the Grey Wolves but it is not a big problem.


At one point the greatest city in the world, Rome is now home to the most recent VHLE champions as of the time of this writing. The Rome Gladiators name started with the folded Minot Gladiators of the VHLM. Minot is the fourth-largest city in North Dakota, if you are wondering. The name couldn't have found a better home than Rome. Gladiators fought in deadly combat to entertainment the masses. It was in Roman Republic and later Empire where this spectator blood sport became a huge hit with audiences. It was even described as important to the happiness of Roman citizens as food. The fact that modern athletes are compared to gladiators makes this name even more perfect then it already is. Overall, it is the best name for a team in Rome and I can't even think of team name I would use instead of this current name.


Time to shut this thing down for today. There were some surprising pieces of information that shocked me. I hope you found that as interesting as I have. Sadly, next week does seem to cover the last two teams in the current VHLE I have yet to cover. This series ends in Sweden next week. I will see you then. So long for now and #StandwithUkrain. 🇺🇦 

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Again, let me start by saying that I'm really enjoying the deep dive into the team nicknames for this series. The Rome Gladiators one is beat-you-over-the-head obvious, the the Red Wolves? That's where the real meat and potatoes of this article is, for me at least. I had no idea of the existence of the motorcycle club in Russia. Given today's political climate with regard to Russia, I find myself curious if they are militantly pro-fascism like, say, the Proud Boys in the US, or if they're more like the motorcycle clubs you see that support kids who have been sexually abused by being with them in court. Alas, I digress. I'm looking forward to more of this series. No grammar issues to note. 10/10

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