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Good stuff. Looks really well. Though I have some criticism. The render is kind of fuzzy with the effects. Maybe simmer down on the effects and it can be good. Text is also kinda hard to see, It took me a long, and i mean a long time to see what that said. It doesnt work well with the BG color. Overall, its not bad, but I od think it can be improved a tad bit. 7.5/10

@STZ :cheers:

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Yea this is a super cool one - very creative. I love the mix of colors you have on this and despite having a lot of empty space on the left, it doesn't need anything there. I think it's a little too sharp around the helmet area and it kind of makes it look like he has an amateur boxers helmet on - a bit softer in that area would have been better. The text is nice but a little hard to read at the back end of the first name. Still, I do love the noisy pink and green gradient mix. 8.5/10

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