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The twenty-ninth chapter of Baby Bob's life (the GM of the Phantoms and Baby Bob will answer some questions)

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Hello everyone, 


Welcome to the twenty-ninth chapter of Baby Bob's life story. In this life story we will talk about the life of Baby Bob, when he was young, his thoughts and his impressions before the drafts, during the seasons and during the playoffs. Baby Bob will also respond to questions from the fans, from the GMs and from the leaders of the VHL, the VHLE and the VHLM. The playoffs are almost over and we will know really soon who the new winner of the Continental Cup will be. In this chapter, we will take a little bit about the playoffs, but Baby Bob and Prague’s GM @Acydburn will answer some questions about the team. 


The Prague Phantoms finished the season second in the European Conference with 95 points in 72 games and were facing the Riga Reign in the first round. The Phantoms had big expectations before the beginning of the playoffs and after three years without passing the first round, losing was not an option. However, after only five little games, the Riga Reign had already eliminated the Prague Phantoms and everything was to start again for the Phantoms. The playoffs run was yet again very disappointing for Prague and we asked Prague’s GM Acydburn about the end of the season of the Phantoms. 


« Disappointed, We had such a hot streak during the season and to lose 4-1. Definitely thought it would have been a better series. I had faith in the Phantoms. » 


We also asked him what are his plans for the off-season and the next season? 


« Try to stay competitve and make as many moves as we need to do so. » 


Last year, Baby Bob had a really really bad post-season with only one point in five games and a differential of minus 4. This season was a little bit different. Indeed, with one goal and four assists for an average of a point per game and a differential of 0, Baby Bob did better than last season. It was not incredible, but it was still a pretty good performance and Bob will only continue to improve his perfomances as his career goes along. We reached to Baby Bob and succeeded to have his comments about the playoffs. 


« We had a good end of the season and I was really excited for the playoffs and I really really wanted to do better than last year. Unfortunately, we did not pass the first round and I feel like I could have played much better. » 


My colleague Acydburn also asked Baby Bob a question and he wanted to know what Baby Bob was thinking of Prague next season? 


« Next season will be very decisive for me, because my contract his ending at the end of next season and depending on the performances of the team, I will decide of what I will do. I really want to stay with Prague, but if we are not doing good enough maybe I will need to go.» 



Thanks for reading and see you next week for more of the life story of Baby Bob. 

520 words 

21 march – 27 march 

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