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Warsaw's Free Agency Options


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With the crazy talent on the Free Agency market this year, it will be interesting to see what Warsaw does with that. It seems to me that Warsaw will be in dire need of defense in this off-season, as they have an aging defensive core. I said before the goaltending was a problem to fix, but looking closer their goaltending is great, starting with Tater Tot who had an amazing season previously, and Wumbo, a prospect goalie who has been improving in skills constantly and will likely be the backup next season. This would be a good duo, but they have yet to sign Tater Tot to a contract. If negotiations fall through, then Warsaw will, again, have a goalie issue, but if the contract can be signed, then they will be chilling with that duo. The forward depth can be seen as an issue, however, with an improving top line I feel like the main goal should be directed to the defence as, again, they are aging and losing their speed. There are a couple prospects possibly graduating this upcoming season, there is a good chance we could see them in a depth role, but it will still need a player or 2 to fulfill the depths. Depth is quiet an easy fix, the issue is the top defensive pairing that will be the main target for Warsaw with the lack of young talent on that end, but we will need to see.

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Sadly one of those upcoming D prospects went IA. But the other one is a keeper, "The Payne Train" should really help solidify the Warsaw blueline for years to come.

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