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My Covid Experience


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Content Warning:

strange thoughts about bodily fluids due to fever and extreme boredom


This has certainly been a week. And by a week, by the time I am writing this it has been 3 days, but it has felt like much longer. I got a strange tingle in my throat Monday and put it off as allergies because well, it is allergy season, but Tuesday I woke up and just knew I had Covid. Luckily, my roommate had some tests on hand and as we all guessed I tested positive. Then I took about seventeen naps and waited for the VHLM sims, slept through the sims, and then pumped out three assignments, and stared at the forum for like 20 minutes before passing out again. I had a wicked fever and as I gracefully told my friends: “enough snot and phlegm to feed all of Utah for a day.” I then proceeded to learn anything at all about Utah because I truly only knew it existed and nothing more. I really learned nothing more, and I am convinced Utah is not really there at all. Luckily, my symptoms died down after a day or so and now I just cough once or twice every couple of hours. I may spend a lot of time just sitting at my computer doing stuff, but this has truly been an eye-opening experience on how little time I can truly just stare at the forum and discord. As soon as I test negative a couple of times, I will not look at the forum for a couple of days just so I do not go insane. I would say thanks for keeping me sane through this, but I really just read VHL Bot retirement posts and VHLM releases for hours on end. Next time I will try a more interesting thread.

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