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Toronto Legion Jersey Retirements: S83


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Hello, VHL! While it has been a short time since I was hired as the general manager of the Toronto Legion, there is something that I noticed had fallen by the wayside, if you will, and the time has come to rectify that. During @Peace's tenure as general manager, he had retired the numbers of three players, bringing the total number of numbers retired by Toronto to twelve. However, those three players never got their time to shine and be recognized, and as an amateur VHL historian… and with special thanks to @Beketov, their time to be recognized for their excellence and service for the Toronto Legion is now. 


Let's get started, shall we?



#10: Tzuyu - S63 - S69



Drafted fifth overall by Toronto in Season 63, Tzuyu was a constant source of consistency, leadership, and was the backbone of the great Toronto Legion teams of the 60’s. While he did achieve individual glory with the Alexander Valiq Trophy in Season 65, Tzuyu was best-known as the rock behind the back-to-back Continental Cup championships in Seasons 64 and 65, and served as the captain of the Legion beginning in Season 66. Consistently a point-per-game player, topping 20 goals from the blue line twice, he was no slouch defensively either, blocking at least 120 shots each season he played in Toronto, and finished with a positive +/- ratio in all but one season. While the VHL Hall of Fame has not called his name, at least not yet, Tzuyu will forever be remembered by the Toronto Legion, as his #10 will hang in the rafters as an enduring testament to his dedication to lead Toronto to victory.



#17: Oyorra Arroyo - S64 - S67



Originally drafted by the Calgary Wranglers, Oyorra Arroyo first lifted the Continental Cup with the team that drafted him second overall in Season 60, but he brought his championship pedigree with him to Toronto after he was acquired in a trade before Season 64. All Arroyo did upon his arrival was have the best two seasons of his career, including a Scotty Campbell Trophy-winning MVP season in Season 65 on the way to winning back-to-back Continental Cup championships. Even though he played half of his career in Calgary, the dominance he displayed in that shorter time was absolutely unforgettable, a major component of Toronto’s success as an offensive catalyst. For a time, Oyorra Arroyo was the best player in the entire VHL, and in Season 70, he was immortalized in the VHL Hall of Fame. Today, he claims his rightful place among Toronto’s elite with the retirement of his #17.



#54: Jaxx Hextall - S71 - S77



One of the VHLM’s all-time biggest draft day steals, Jaxx Hextall’s value was truly known by Rylan Peace when he was acquired from the HC Davos Dynamo after yet another BPA scandal at the VHL Entry Draft. In an era for Toronto where it seemed like the only consistency was that no one ever seemed to know what was coming next for the team, there was in fact a constant: consistent excellence in net from Jaxx Hextall. Despite all the ups and downs, Hextall made 447 starts for the Legion during his seven season career, second behind only the legendary Remy LeBeau in franchise history. Winning 30+ games five times in his career, with a save percentage of .918% and a GAA under 3, Hextall was an underrated goaltender of his era, but make no doubt about it: Jaxx Hextall is a stud, and his #54 will now join great Toronto goaltenders Aidan Shaw, Alex Gegeny, and Remy LeBeau in the rafters.


Once again, congratulations to Tzuyu, Oyorra Arroyo, and Jaxx Hextall for joining the ranks of the elite alumni of the Toronto Legion to have their number retired! Without players such as you, this team would not have the storied history it does today, and the Toronto Legion are forever grateful to all three of you for being a treasured part of our story.


We are Legion, and we are one.


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