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Fraser Wallace – Prospect Scouting Report

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With Fraser Wallace being in the upcoming VHLM draft, we have decided to take a look at both his strengths and weaknesses to try and figure out what kind of player he is. Let’s start with his strengths.




His best asset right now is probably his ability to play a 200ft game. Being both an offensive threat but also a defensive stalwart makes him a very versatile player. As a centerman, it is likely that he would be apart of both the powerplay and penalty kill so this 200ft ability is crucial. His offensive talent wasn’t able to shine through in his brief stint with the Las Vegas Aces this past season but he is definitely proving his worth in the Junior Showcase tournament as a member of the Boston Brigade as he has put up 15 points in 13 games.


His second most valuable asset is his face-off ability. It is vital for a centerman to be able to out match his counterparts in the face-off circle and Wallace most certainly can. This couples well with his special team versatility so whether you need to manufacture one more chance or send the puck down the ice to win the game, Wallace is going to be able to clutch up and win the draw so you can do just that.


His last strength that we have identified is skating and puck handling ability. The way he is able to move both on and off the puck makes him a nightmare for other teams deal with. He can break out of his on zone and breeze past defensemen but also bust a gut to back-check and thwart opposition attacks. These further aids his 200ft game and gives him a very good skill set.




His main weakness is that he isn’t the most physical player. He lacks the upper body strength to be strong on the puck so he relies heavily on his skating and puck handling when trying to generate chances. This also contributes to him not laying very many checks on the opposition which can be problematic at times because sometimes the only option you have is to lay a hit and that’s not something the Wallace can do very well.


Despite not being a physical player, Wallace has a bit of a temper and likes to start fights and takes a lot of penalty minutes meaning that spends a lot of time on the penalty box rather than being out on the ice helping his team. He needs to learn to calm down and keep his head in the game so he doesn’t start to hinder his team.




So that conclude our scouting report on Fraser Wallace. Overall, we think he has the potential to go far in this league as long as he is able to sort those weakness. The question is which team is gonna be brave enough to take a chance on him.

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