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(S84) C - Draco canelo, TPE: 48


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Hello @DracoI am the Gm of team Clue in the JST tournament, we have a great group of people in team clue and I would love to add your name to it. I can offer you Second line minute and some special team, time on the ice and teach you the way around the ligue. I am the Agm of the Malmo Nighthawks and I know my way around the league I can show all the little aspect of this league and make you the future start of the VHL. If you want to Join team Clue quote this and reply #IFoundTheClue.  https://discord.gg/vPEdDa6g here is the discord Lr if you want to join. I hope to see you their, if you have any question feel free to reach out to me and ask them, Have fun.

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8 hours ago, Draco said:

Player Information

Username: Draco

Player Name: Draco canelo

Recruited From: YouTube

Age: 16

Position: C

Height: 75 in.

Weight: 179 lbs.

Birthplace: United Arab Emirates


Player Page



Hey @Draco! How are you?


My name is Leandro and I'm the GM of the Warriors in the Junior Showcase Tournament (JST) and I'd like you to play with us!


What's the Junior Showcase Tournament?


The JST is a tournament held during the offseason for players available to the season's draft. Its purpose is to help new players understand the VHL during a time when the league is on stand-by. At the same time, it gives the GMs of the teams a platform to scout these players, so it's also the best place for you to be seen by them and get drafted to the best place possible!


Why the Warriors?




I believe the Warriors are the best spot for a new player. When drafting I tried to have a nice mix between new and experienced players, which I believe should help the new players tremendously. In what regards something you want to hear, we're ready to offer you 3rd-Line minutes with the possibility to progress to 2nd!


Ultimately this is a small tournament to help you know the community and learn the ropes, and I hope we can do it together.


We’re currently in 2nd place, but you’d be an important part of our push for 1st!

If you want to go with us, just quote this message with #JoinTheLegion or send the same message in the general channel on Discord, https://discord.gg/tMMVTUqt

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Hey @Draco !


Welcome back to the league!


I'm Adison, GM of the Steel in the Junior Showcase Tournament! This tournament is made for you! We are a team that is building around having a good teach chemistry and active players! Currently, the VHLM season is in the playoffs, which means you're gonna have to wait to join a VHLM team but in the mean time you can join the Steel and take over the JST!




I can offer 3RD LINE MINUTES and some time in the Power Play!  If you would like to join the team reply with #SteelTough!


I hope you have a great time in the league and can't wait to see what kind of player you build! Best of luck!


JST Discord: https://discord.com/invite/2UnqWSpy

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