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I have been inclined to be one of the better players in the VHL, with that I want to win cups, many cups, and I intend to win cups with Warsaw for as long as I am capable. With the current state Brendan Marner is in, I am excited about the direction, I think having a rookie season of 100 points and over 300 hits are one of the best anyone could imagine, although I have broken the leaderboard for most points, 3 other rookies did the exact some thing. It was just an off year, as, from what I can recall, it is the year of the rookies, meaning 4 rookies this year broke the 100-point mark, although you might say “this is the VHL that’s nothing” it is not nothing. When looking at the modern day VHL rookie history (the portals Hall of Fame Rookie leaders) only 5 rookies have broken the 100-point mark… I know, if we are going wayyy back to the start I don’t even break the top 25… This is still an incredible season, could even be considered the best rookie season, for all rookies in general, and next season is going to be even more competitive between the draft class.


Okay I rambled about the rookie season in a few articles now, but I just don’t see many people acknowledging the crazy emergence of many of these players. Regardless, I want to win the cup, I mean that’s what every player wants right? Well, I think some people want more individual awards, but I don’t care for that nearly as much as getting the whole team to be happy, I need the win for the team, and to prove I can help any team past the first round.


What is Warsaw’s future looking like? Well, the forwards are doing amazing as the offensive skills are unbelievable, but the goaltending was the biggest surprise. Tater Tot had one hell of a breakout season, and I believe, if Warsaw can come to terms with a contract, his chemistry on the team will continue to amaze and create a great duo with the up-and-coming goaltender. The defense, there is a glaring hole as the defense is thinning out, and aging. There are some prospects, but a couple have become less active and not panned out as expected. The best thing Warsaw can do to become playoff contenders next season would likely be offering contracts to some of the elite defense on the market, and of course the depth players can always help.


Warsaw is an up and comer, they need the amazing play from everyone on the team to continue to improve and take a chance on the team so we can win because the team is looking more and more elite every time, I look at it. We need to make sure the holes are dealt with in the draft and in the offseason, the team still has a season or two before the major competitive years come around, but the fact is, its all up to us, the players to improve, and managements motivation and help.

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So grammatically, this is a little bit tough to read. It reads much more conversationally than I was expecting, with some choppy sentences and a certain stream of consciousness flow to it that may or may not be intentional. Looking at the content, it will be interesting to see how up and coming teams like Warsaw fair compared to some teams that are already at their peak, specifically with regard to the new hybrid attributes. 8.5/10

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Decent job on this media spot. I think you make a good point about how no one is talking about the season some of the rookies have had and the fact that no one is talking very much about it. It's a little hard to read and follow what's going so maybe next time you could add some headings to help break it up and give it a solid structure or you turn it into an interview style to keep more like a conversation but still give it structure. Overall, decent job 8/10

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