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S1 VHL Dispersal Draft


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From Toronto, Ontario

Saturday July 28, 2007 - 1:30 PM


Red = VHL Hall of Famer

S1, S2 = S1, S2 Continental Cup Champion, etc.



1. :ams: Amstel Tigers (from Calgary Wranglers): Robert Sharpe S3

2. :oldvas: Vasteras IK (from Hamilton Canucks): Scotty Campbell S1, S4, S5, S6

3. :oldhel: Helsinki Frostbite: Jeff Downey

4. :mad: Stockholm Thunder: Alex Gegeny

5. :oldsea: Seattle Everblades: Alex Watson S2, S3, S6

6. :oldcgy: Calgary Wranglers (from Amstel Tigers): Scott Boulet S2, S3

7. :oldtor: Toronto Legion: Maxim Desny

8. :ham: Hamilton Canucks (from Vasteras IK): David Night



9. :oldvas: Vasteras IK: Matthew Pogge S1

10. :oldtor: Toronto Legion: Ryan Downey

11. :oldcgy: Calgary Wranglers (from Amstel Tigers): Drew Barclay

12. :oldsea: Seattle Everblades: Tyler Toews

13. :mad: Stockholm Thunder: Chris Julien

14. :oldhel: Helsinki Frostbite: Andrew Remeikis

15. :ham: Hamilton Canucks: Jesus Christ

16. :ams: Amstel Tigers (from Calgary Wranglers): Petr Shirokov



17. :oldcgy: Calgary Wranglers: Brad Janssen S2, S6, S7

18. :ham: Hamilton Canucks: Adrian McCreath

19. :oldhel: Helsinki Frostbite: Sam Lafleur

20. :mad: Stockholm Thunder: Ookie Mexico

21. :oldsea: Seattle Everblades: Tyler Vassell

22. :ams: Amstel Tigers: Ondrej Skokan S3

23. :oldtor: Toronto Legion: Slava Trukno

24. :oldvas: Vasteras IK: Dean McIntosh S1



25. :oldvas: Vasteras IK: Jonathan McKelvie S1

26. :oldtor: Toronto Legion: Ron Mexico

27. :ams: Amstel Tigers: Juan De La Martinez

28. :oldsea: Seattle Everblades: Danny Tremblay S4, S5, S7

29. :mad: Stockholm Thunder: Peter Vishofski

30. :oldhel: Helsinki Frostbite: Alex McNeil S4, S5

31. :ham: Hamilton Canucks: Tahk Paccenn

32. :oldcgy: Calgary Wranglers: Lucas Smith S2



33. :oldvas: Vasteras IK (From Calgary Wranglers): Aaron Hill

34. :ham: Hamilton Canucks: Donald Bartch

35. :oldhel: Helsinki Frostbite: Ricky Night

36. :mad: Stockholm Thunder: Steve Kent S4, S5, S7

37. :oldsea: Seattle Everblades: Steve Morin

38. :ams: Amstel Tigers: Yaroslav Mikaiholavich

39. :oldtor: Toronto Legion: Michael Arsenault

40. :oldcgy: Calgary Wranglers (from Vasteras IK): Shawn Howard S6



41. :oldcgy: Calgary Wranglers (from Vasteras IK): Cody Banks

42. :oldtor: Toronto Legion: Franz Lindemann

43. :ams: Amstel Tigers: Alex Stokes

44. :oldsea: Seattle Everblades: Sam Martin

45. :mad: Stockholm Thunder: Jon Arsenault

46. :oldhel: Helsinki Frostbite: Alexei Fedorov

47. :ham: Hamilton Canucks: Geordie Carragher

48. :oldcgy: Calgary Wranglers: Reg Vaillancourt



49. :oldcgy: Calgary Wranglers: Jeremy Lamborghini

50. :ham: Hamilton Canucks: John Pereira

51. :oldhel: Helsinki Frostbite: Bruce Wayne

52. :mad: Stockholm Thunder: Marian Oshie

53. :oldsea: Seattle Everblades: Waldo Cezar

54. :ams: Amstel Tigers: Justin Westrum

55. :oldtor: Toronto Legion: Jeff Van Slacker

56. :ams: Amstel Tigers (From Vasteras IK): Nick Ovechkin




Center (12)

Jon Arsenault

Scotty Campbell

Ryan Downey

Alex Gegeny

Brad Janssen

Franz Lindemann

Adrian McCreath

Yaroslav Mikaiholavich

Andrew Remeikis

Tyler Toews

Justin Westrum

Reg Vaillancourt


Left Wingers (11)

Scott Boulet

Geordie Carragher

Alexei Fedorov

Chris Julien

Steven Morin

Marian Oshie

Tahk Paccenn

Petr Shirokov

Alex Stokes

Slava Trukno

Jeff Van Slacker


Right Wingers (8)

Cody Banks

Donald Bartch

Aaron Hill

Ricky Knight

Jonathan McKelvie

Ondrej Skokan

Alex Watson

Jack Williamz


Defense (17)

Michael Arsenault

Waldo Cezar

Jeff Downey

Shawn Howard

Steve Kent

Jermey Lamborghini

Juan de la Martinez

Dean McIntosh

Alex McNeil

Ron Mexico

David Night

Nick Ovechkin

Max Sak

Lucas Smith

Danny Tremblay

Petter Vishofski

Bruce Wayne


Goalies (11)

Drew Barclay

Jesus Christ

Maxim Desny

Sam Lafluer

Sam Martin

Ookie Mexico

Colin Millar

John Pereira

Matthew Pogge

Robert Sharpe

Tyler Vassell

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