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S83 Istanbul Red Wolves Leadership

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From the desk of KaleebtheMighty, GM of the Istanbul Red Wolves


Good evening to all reading this! It is my greatest pleasure to introduce the members of our team who will represent us on the ice as Captain and Assistant Captains. The team together voted on who they felt should best represent the Istanbul Red Wolves, and I have no doubt that this group will represent the team extremely well.


CAPTAIN: LW - Tomas Sogaard - @Brandon


Sogaard's commitment to the spirit of the team is unmatched. They are a welcome addition to the Red Wolves and have already made a tremendous impact both on and off the ice. Congratulations on obtaining the C this season!


ASSISTANT CAPTAIN: D - Siyan Yasilievich - @badcolethetitan


Equally active in the locker room and in spirit like Sogaard, Yasilievich contributed on day 1 right after we drafted him. Already making a mark in production and leadership, we are thrilled to have Yasilievich on the Red Wolves this season. Congratulations on obtaining one of the As this season!

ASSISTANT CAPTAIN: D - Ryuji Sakamoto - @der meister


A leader of experience and persistence, Sakamoto was a natural add to this leadership group, and the votes helped bolster that fact. Sakamoto is a force on the blue line and an extremely valuable member to the team in terms of defensive ability and stewardship. Congratulations on obtaining one of the As this season!


Without a doubt, I am eager to have these individuals lead our team to a successful season. Remember these names; the S83 Istanbul Red Wolves leadership on the ice may be one of the greatest groups in franchise history. I am proud to add their names to the growing history of the Red Wolves, and look forward to an incredible season!

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Max earners till death. Peep back in the beginning of S86 season when we are all 800+ TPE. S83 draft class gonna be hype.


Also shoutout to @jacobcarson877, one of the most active people in the lockerroom, and an absolute grinder with his build and TPE. 



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