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Todd Cooke junior review

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How did Todd Cooke come to be a hockey player you ask ? 

well the answer is quite simple actually I was born into it , my dad and grandpa both played hockey and loved watching games on tv so naturally I grew to love the game too and as soon as I could skate I found myself playing hockey as well. I loved it , from many hours outside to public skates to practices and everything in between I fell in love with the game . It’s such a huge part of my life that my wife has become a big hockey fan as well as it’s become something we share a passion for and enjoy watching together. I also share a special love for the game with my dad as well he introduced me to the game and it’s played a huge part in how our relationship as father and son has turned into best friends.

the first couple seasons I played wing or Center but as I got older and bigger my coach ( dad) moved me to defence for a season . And to be honest I hated it at first I had a love for playing Center and wing and they just came natural to me. But as I played defence more and more I became a better all around player and after a season of begging and pleading I got my wish to go back to Center the following year. 

Now as much as I hated defence I was a better well rounded Center and much more responsible defensively after making the switch. I didn’t know it at the time but my coach knew that would help develop my game . Ever sense then I’ve prided myself on playing good on both sides of the puck as well as being a solid positional 200 foot player . 

halfway through my rookie VHLM season I’m using what I learned to put together a quote productive rookie year after a rocky start ! One day I hope I can translate this into becoming one of the top players in the VHL along with being consistently playing important minutes in that league one day.

hope to progress even further!


that’s how Todd Cooke came to be where he is today ! A strong Center that takes pride in his defensive game and development as a player whenever he can .



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