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Players to look out for


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As I reluctantly sit at my computer to earn my much-needed TPE I want to discuss if the Warsaw Predators are a real contender.  As a player for the team, I think we are for sure.  But let’s look at the players that may or may not lead them to the promised land as well as the competition standing in their way.


First, the competition.  The European division is the toughest of the two for sure and standing in first place is the much-feared Moscow Menace.  Led by Duncan Idaho, Hard Markinson on Defense, and a formidable goalie, Papa Emeritus its clear to see why the menace are the team to beat.  Moscow Record-39-8


Riga Reign- 34W-9L.   Led by VHL point leader Alex Johnston, superstar Brandon Telker, and stud defenseman Battre Sandstrom this team is just as scary as Moscow.  


London United- 33W-11L.  With Nils Godlander, That Dude, Defenseman dynamo Tom Eagles, and Cole Pearce in net London had some serious talent to contend at the end of the year.  Maybe a timely move or two puts this team at the top of the division.  I don’t feel that this team’s scorers have taken off yet so if they do this London crew could surge to the top and be unstoppable.


THE WARSAW PREDATORS- 29W-15L.  Ok Ok…I am biased and think my team has the tools to make it to the end and here is why.  So far, the Predators have only scored 158 goals.  That is third in the Euro division.  Moscow has 189, Riga 187, London 155.  31 goals behind the leader is not a good sign but if you breakdown Warsaw’s players a few tweaks gets some of the more quiet players moving in the right direction.  Similarly, to London once the scorers take off it could be a scary prospect for VHL goalies to face as we move over the halfway part of the season. 


Some of the Warsaw players I would look to explode come the second half of the season.


GIRTS GALVINS- the 6’6 foot 240lb monster was drafted 17th overall by the Predators last year.  A gifted goal scorer he led the Las Vegas Aces in S81 with 43 G- 48A- 91 points.   Last year in Bratislava in the E he led all rookies on the team with 32G-23A= 55 points with 149 hits.  So far, the puck luck hasn’t been with him and he’s sitting at 1 G. 13 A-14 points in 48 games. We know Girts is frustrated but those on the team that know him and see his work ethic every day are confident that he will find his game and pucks will start snapping twine in no time. 


ROBERT WILK- At 6’5 inches tall and 200 lbs this dude’s offensive upside is insane.  He is slightly below his last year’s point pace but is still scoring with 17G-19A 36 points.  This is another player I would look to see take off in the last 30 or so games.  Many forget this player once scored 68 goals in the VHLM for the Marlins.  A 40-goal campaign last year in his rookie season is another reason to opposing teams to fear if he gets hot.  


So, to all VHL goalies and defense you have been warned.  Warsaw is coming!  



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Good article about teams and their main players. In the future, I would suggest is to tag the players you're mentioning :). As well a graphic would be nice and add a little more to the article. Other then that I did enjoy reading about your thoughts on players to look out for and also a +1 for mentioning my guy ;) haha. 8/10. Keep up the great work!

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Pretty solid article, I would also like to see some more pictures and pizzaz to this piece, but it was very well written. Only content thing  I'd add is more of a writeup for the players. It's cool seeing your name mentioned in an article but it's kind of a bummer when there's no real substance to the paragraph, like the one about Riga. 7/10

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