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HC Davos Dynamo Prospect Report

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HC Davos Dynamo Prospect Report






Hello everyone! I'll be writing an article on the HC Davos Dynamo Prospects. I won't be covering every single prospect that the Davos Dynamo have, as that would be a lot of work. Instead, I'll be covering the ones that I think are most impressive, and that potentially have a chance at cracking the roster in the future of their career. I'll be going over their strengths, weaknesses, how their seasons are going, and other things too, so make sure to read it all!


VHLE Skater Prospects


Siyan Yasilievich (S83 - Defenseman)


Position: Defenseman

Team: Istanbul Red Wolves (27-20-1)

Selected: S83 VHL Draft 4th Overall by HC Davos Dynamo

Stats: 48 GP | 8G 33A 41 PTS | +12

VHL Ready ETA: 1 Season

User: @badcolethetitan


Siyan Yasilievich currently is at the top of the list for the HC Davos Dynamo skater prospects. He was selected 4th overall in the S83 VHL Entry Draft, taken over some big names in the draft. Currently, Siyan is having a great season in the E, however, you'd hope he'd be putting up more points and contributing more to the offensive side. Siyan for a couple of games wasn't able to contribute offensively, and because of it, the Red Wolves went on a stretch where they dropped multiple games in a row. For the HC Davos Dynamo management, they're hoping Siyan can continue to develop his game in the E and take that extra step to be able to be ready for the VHL. If you're a hater of Siyan, there's good reason to be, as Siyan was hyped up to be an amazing defenseman in the E, however he has yet to crack top 10 in any category, which could be concerning. At the end of the day, Siyan will be cracking the VHL lineup next season for HC Davos Dynamo and I'm sure he'll have a great rookie season for the young team.


Jake Thunder (S83 - Defenseman)


Position: Defenseman

Team: Oslo Storm (16-25-7)

Selected: S83 VHL Draft 19th Overall by HC Davos Dynamo

Stats: 48 GP | 14G 43A 57 PTS | -3

VHL Ready ETA: 1 Season

User: @Thunder


Up next on the list, we have Jake Thunder a defenseman that was selected in the S83 VHL Draft. Jake Thunder was picked 19th overall by the HC Davos Dynamo, and he has been a pleasant surprise for the HC Davos Dynamo. Currently in the E, he is on a team that struggles to find offense, but Jake Thunder is leading the way for the team. Jake Thunder currently is above a point-per game in the E for defenseman, and he is 2nd in the E for points among all defenseman. This pick is looking better and better for the HC Davos Dynamo as he was an absolute steal in the draft, and his upside is absolutely crazy. This player will easily crack the lineup for Davos, and they for sure have a potential superstar in the making. This player hasn't gotten a lot of hype, as most people are talking about Siyan Yasilievich, but Jake Thunder should deserve all the praise, as this defenseman will be an absolute beast in the future.


Alf Larsson (S82 - Right Wing)


Position: Right Wing

Team: Bratislava Watchmen (30-15-3)

Selected: S82 VHL Draft 45th Overall by HC Davos Dynamo

Stats: 48 GP | 27G 24A 51 PTS | +11

VHL Ready ETA: 1 Season

User: @ng1291


Now looking at the forward group, we have Alf Larsson, a prospect who was selected in the S82 VHL Draft. Alf Larsson has been having a fantastic season in the E, playing for the Bratislava Watchmen who currently are towards the top of the league. Alf Larsson currently leads his team in scoring, with over a point-per game and being an absolute force when he's on the ice. The reason why Alf Larsson isn't receiving as much praise as Jake Thunder or Siyan Yasilievich is because this player does have an extra season under his belt, but nevertheless, he is developing into a player that should be apart of the HC Davos Dynamo future. A lethal shooter and elite passer is what Alf Larsson will become, a player that is a jack of all trades offensively that can fill any offensive role on the team that you need. The only weakness in Alf Larsson's game is the fact that he cannot defend very well, but with a player of this caliber, it shouldn't matter. I fully expect Alf Larsson to crack the lineup for HC Davos Dynamo next season, or he will potentially be dealt in a trade to a different team, but regardless, he will be on a VHL team next season.



Pete Mitchell (S83 - Left Wing)


Position: Left Wing

Team: Oslo Storm (16-25-7)

Selected: S83 VHL Draft 11th Overall by HC Davos Dynamo

Stats: 48 GP | 24G 26A 50 PTS | -3

VHL Ready ETA: 1-2 Seasons

User: @Crstats23


Up next for Left Wing, we have Pete Mitchell, a prospect who was selected in the S83 VHL Draft. Pete Mitchell is currently in the E, playing with the Oslo Storm, who are struggling and are towards the bottom of the standings. Despite this, Pete Mitchell is having a fantastic season, with over a point-per game with his team. Pete Mitchell is helping his team offensively, with Jake Thunder, the two stars of Oslo, trying to carry the team to victories. Pete Mitchell is a great two-way forward, focusing more on his shot and overall defensive zone play. Currently, Pete Mitchell is tied for 10th in the league for points, but is 6th in the league in goals, proving how lethal his shot can be. I could see Pete Mitchell cracking the lineup next season, should he choose, or if he would like to have another season in the E to develop, he could, however most likely this player will be on the starting roster next season.


VHLM Skater Prospects


Hayden Rain (S82 - Right Wing)


Position: Right Wing

Team: Mexico City Kings (6-37-5)

Selected: N/A, Signed in Free Agency to Prague Phantoms then dealt to HC Davos Dynamo

Stats: 48 GP | 25G 41A 66 PTS | -26

VHL Ready ETA: 2+ Seasons

User: @Rain


We now move on to the VHLM Skater Prospects, something HC Davos Dynamo doesn't have a lot of, which is honestly not a bad thing. The first prospect we'll be looking at is Hayden Rain, who currently is a Right Wing on the Mexico City Kings. Hayden Rain has been having an absolute dominating season in the M, with over a point-per game and 66 points in 48 games played, which is absolutely crazy. Hayden is an elite two-way forward, that plays a whole complete game at the M level. The biggest question mark for Hayden Rain is will this player ever actually crack the lineup for the HC Davos Dynamo. I could see Hayden being a potential depth piece in a playoff run for the Dynamo, but nothing more then that honestly. We'll see if this player could potentially be dealt in the future to another team that could use him.


Hasbulla Magomedov (S83 - Left Wing)


Position: Left Wing

Team: Mexico City Kings (6-37-5)

Selected: S83 VHL Draft 27th Overall by HC Davos Dynamo

Stats: 48 GP | 22G 33A 55 PTS | -34

VHL Ready ETA: 2 Seasons

User: @Motzaburger


To round out the Skater Prospects that the HC Davos Dynamo have, we have Hasbulla Magomedov of the Mexico City Kings. Mexico has been having an absolute awful season, but it doesn't mean some of their players haven't been producing at a high enough level. Hasbulla is one of those players, who is a point-per game player, and has been doing fairly well this season. Hasbulla is a natural leader, known for their playmaking ability on the ice. They have great vision at the M level, and hopefully they'll be able to translate that to the E level next season, where they'll play for the Rome Gladiators. Hasbulla will most likely crack the lineup in a couple of seasons, but when they do they'll be a great depth piece for the HC Davos Dynamo lineup.


VHLE Goalie Prospect


Red Gaming (S82 - Goalie)


Position: Goalie

Team: Vasteras Iron Eagles (39-6-3)

Selected: S82 VHL Draft 30th Overall by HC Davos Dynamo
Stats: 37 GP | Record: 29-5-3 | Sv%: 0.935 | GAA: 1.78 | Shutouts: 6

VHL Ready ETA: 1 Season

User: @Lilpfigher


The first out of the two goalie prospects that the HC Davos Dynamo have that are worth talking about is Red Gaming. Red Gaming has been absolutely lighting up the E, with an absolute insane record and stat line, including his 6 shutouts. Red Gaming will be a center piece of the HC Davos Dynamo organization for years to come, playing with Boris and sharing time with him. Davos has to be very happy with the development of Red Gaming and moving forward, I can easily see Red Gaming potentially becoming the number one goalie and leading the HC Davos Dynamo to a future championship trophy.


VHLM Goalie Prospect


Sam Tombstone (S83 - Goalie)


Position: Goalie

Team: Halifax 21st (32-13-3)

Selected: S83 VHL Draft 35th Overall by HC Davos Dynamo

Stats: 44 GP | Record: 29-13-2 | Sv%: 0.911 | GAA: 2.14 | Shutouts: 4

VHL Ready ETA: 2 Seasons

User: @samthemancub


The last prospect we'll be talking about on the list is Sam Tombstone, the currently goalie for the Halifax 21st. Halifax has been having a stellar season in the M, and it's all thanks to Sam Tombstone who has been putting up amazing numbers in the M. Sam Tombstone looks like a great backup option after Boris will retire, or start to decline, and it seems the HC Davos Dynamo are really set between the pipes for the future to come. If you are a Davos fan, you have to be excited about the young talent coming in between the pipes, and with Red Gaming and Sam Tombstone being the future of your franchise, you for sure are going to be winning games. Sam Tombstone will need a season in the E to develop, where he was selected by the Oslo Storm. He'll for sure be tested in the E with the Oslo Storm, who are currently struggling and are in need of a goalie.


Thanks everyone for reading the prospect report and I'll see you next time!


1500+ Words, claimed weeks ending: 5/22, 5/29, 6/5


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