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S3 VHL Entry Draft


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Red = VHL Hall of Famer

S3, S4 = S3, S4 Continental Cup Champion, etc.



1. :oldsea: Seattle: D - Patrice Reynaud S4, S5

2. :avn: Avangard: C - Mike Szatkowski S9

3. :oldhel: Helsinki: RW - Daric Radmonovic S6

4. :oldsea: Seattle (via Hamilton): G - Adrian McCreath S4, S5

5. :oldsea: Seattle (via Avangard, via Stockholm): RW - Dust'n Funk S4, S5

6. :oldtor: Toronto: D - Raymond Funk

7. :oldvas: Vasteras: D - Sexy McSexington S7

8. :avn: Avangard (via Calgary): G - Fernando Garcia



9. :avn: Avangard (via Seattle): RW - Ned Louvencourt

10. :avn: Avangard: RW - Cody Mulcahy

11. :oldhel: Helsinki (via Helsinki, via Avangard): C - Lennowitcz Schalkwinzz S6

12. :stk: Stockholm (via Hamilton): LW - Zach Parise

13. :oldtor: Toronto (via Stockholm): D - Heman Ho

14. :oldsea: Seattle (via Toronto): RW - Koko Wanatabi

15. :oldvas: Vasteras: D - Maxwell Benjamin

16. :stk: Stockholm (via Hamilton, via Calgary): RW - Wex Davis



17. :oldsea: Seattle: LW - Jussi Hanninen

18. :avn: Avangard: D - Maxim Helminen

19. :oldcgy: Calgary (via Avangard, via Helsinki): RW - Edward Holm S3, S8

20. :stk: Stockholm (via Hamilton): D - Angus Rose

21. :oldcgy: Calgary (via Avangard, via Stockholm): C - Roger Rainville

22. :oldtor: Toronto: RW - DJ Johnson

23. :oldvas: Vasteras: Passes

24. :oldsea: Seattle (via Calgary): G - Ikben Groot




Roger Rainville

Lennowitcz Schalkwinzz

Mike Szatkowski

John Tavares

Thom Yorke

Left Wing

Max Basque

Jordan Boutilier

Eric Eggleston

Jussi Hanninen

TJ Moore

Zach Parise

Brendan Simpson

Andrew Troutman

Right Wing

Wex Davis

Ethan Eggleston

Dust'n Funk

Edward Holm

DJ Johnson

Ned Louvencourt

Cody Mulcahy

Daric Radmonovic

Austin Streit

Koko Wanatabi

Pavel Zetterberg


Maxwell Benjamin

Raymond Funk

Maxim Helminen

Heman Ho

Sexy McSexington

Patrice Reynaud

Angus Rose

Marc Southworth


Fernando Garcia

Ikben Groot

Adrian McCreath

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