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Founder's Cup Final: Games 1 & 2

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Game Recap - San Diego Marlins vs. Las Vegas Aces (Game 1, Founder's Cup Final)


The Aces and Marlins had a strong first game from both sides. However, even if both are strong, only one can win. In the first period, the Marlins scored a fast goal just over 2 minutes in courtesy of Curtis Crumb. That gave them the lead in the first and was also the only goal in that frame. It was a rough start for the Aces with only two shots on goal compared to the Marlins' thirteen. Looking to have a better second, the Aces had their most shots on goal in that frame. But just under two minutes in, Molly the Cat scored to extend the Marlins lead to 2-0 on the powerplay. Things were looking bad for Las Vegas. Then on an Aces powerplay, they cut the deficit in half with a PP goal of their own from Al Land. Just over two minutes later, James Kagelberg tied it up for Las Vegas. And eventually, they got the go ahead goal from Hugh G Johnson to give the Aces their first lead of the series. Now the Marlins found themselves one behind. They wouldn't have to worry long however as 11 seconds into the third period, AK92 Wit da Hoodie tied it up with what would be the only goal in the period. This game was going to overtime, adding more excitement to this electric game 1. Travis Clark, who had been the busier of the two goalies was rewarded for his great 0.929 performance, only facing one shot in overtime. Velociraptor Greg won it for the Aces with a goal; Aces fans making a noise that would rival the goal scorer's namesake. 4-3 Aces.


Game Recap - San Diego Marlins vs. Las Vegas Aces (Game 2, Founder's Cup Final)


Game 2 was another close game and kept the excitement of the Founder's Cup Final going. This game started off with the Aces coming in hot, with Dogwood Maple scoring 19 seconds in on the power play. Welcome to the VHLM playoffs. Later on, Cole Caufield Jr. would score to tie it up but that tie would not last long as 30 seconds later, William Futch scored to give the Aces the lead yet again. Dogwood Maple would add yet another tally to give the Aces a 3-1 lead. All of this happened within the first 6 minutes. Going into the locker room, the Marlins were looking to have a stronger second period. No matter what kind of team you are, being down 2-0 in a final series is definitely less than ideal. Tyler Busser would score the only goal in the second period, allowing the Marlins to cut the Aces lead to 3-2. Now within one, all the Marlins needed was one more goal to tie and hopefully get more in order to win it. All they would need is two goals to regain the lead. And they were able to do so starting the third with tallies from Fraser Wallace and Cole Caufield Jr, the latter getting their second goal of the game. However, with under 6 minutes to go in the game, a costly penalty from the Marlins allowed the hero of the last game, Velociraptor Greg, to score yet again. That would not be the only costly penalty taken however, as one would be taken in overtime. This time, it cost the penalized team the game. Svatopluk Puk scored on the powerplay to tie the series up. 5-4 Marlins.



Interestingly enough, both games showcased the team with less shots on goal winning.



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