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Founder's Cup Final: Game 6

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  • Josh changed the title to Founder's Cup Final: Game 6

GG and congrats Vegas. Would of been nice to bring San Diego their first cup, but it wasn't meant to be. We'll be back in the future though! :sdm:

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Felt like this series was a heavyweight boxing match, congratulations to Vegas for landing the biggest punches, in the end you were the better all around team!


Thanks to all my teammates for earning wild amounts and our GM for doing everything and anything possible to win! Definitely the hardest worker this season 😅


@Plate It was nice reuniting bro, sucks you might retire but life is much better and I know you'll succeed, make sure to comeback again one day ;)


@jacobcarson877 HUGE thanks for keeping me in line and mirroring the efforts of Frank but in a different capacity, reminded me of when JB123 and I were together, definitely going to be a great GM :)


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Founder's Cup Final Game 6 - Las Vegas Aces vs. San Diego Marlins


3-2. Aces series lead. They are looking to finish off the Marlins. The Marlins are looking to win Game 6 and take a gamble in Vegas in Game 7. The atmosphere was tense. Puck drop happened and the Aces were quick on the puck, getting 14 shots on goal. Going against a red hot team is scary but being on the penalty kill against them is scarier. And the Marlins witnessed just that as Dogwood Maple scored basically 9 minutes into the period. It's a miracle that was the only goal in the frame. The second period was a bit more even as the Aces had 11 shots on goal while the Marlins followed relatively close behind with 8 shots on goal. But close behind was a common theme this game for San Diego, and heck, even in the series. William Futch would bury one for the Aces to extend their lead. However, it been a better period for the Marlins than the first and they looked to rally back in the third. They stuck to what they found worked and got another 8 shots while the Aces only got 10 in the final frame. Molly the Cat pounced on the puck and scored 27 seconds in to cut the lead in half. The Marlins needed one more goal. The Aces were the one who got it. Blake MacTavish scored on an empty net despite a valiant effort from San Diego, sealing the Aces as the Founder's Cup champions.

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 After taking the lead of the series with a win in game 5, Las Vegas can be the champion with a win tonight.

They open the score almost at the mid-period with another powerplay goal in the series. Maple with the goal with Kagelberg with an assist.

William Futch scored his 8th goal at mid-game to extend their lead a little bit.

In the third period, San Diego put one in after only 27 seconds of play.

The Aces scored on an empty net to confirm the Cup!!!


Great series by both team!



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