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S83 Hall of Fame Induction


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The weather is hot, as are this season's Hall of Fame inductees....


C - Taro Tsujimoto, S75-S82 :dav: :sea:

RS: 576 GP, 312 G, 412 A, 724 P, +36, 791 PIM, 1,634 HIT, 269 SB, 46 GW

PO: 29 GP, 26 G, 22 A, 48 P, +3, 35 PIM, 81 HIT, 14 SB, 3 GW


S80 Scotty Campbell Trophy (Most Valuable)

S82 Scotty Campbell Trophy (Most Valuable)

1x All-VHL First Team (S82)

1x All-VHL Second Team (S80)


The best player going into the stacked S75 draft, falling to 9th overall because of some easily exploited old GM player rules, Taro Tsujimoto looked like he would get lost in the shuffle for a bit, another motivated performer who couldn't quite break out. Then Taro became the face of the Davos franchise, leading the Dynamo through their most successful spell in some 2 decades, being crowned league MVP in the process. To prove he wasn't just a big fish in a small pong, Tsujimoto then moved for 1 season in Seattle and got them back to the league's elite, with another MVP award to cap off a successful career. He may have retired without a cup but not without leaving a mark on the league and received a well-deserved first ballot induction.




C - Dakota Lamb, S74-S80:war::que:

RS: 505 GP, 266 G, 383 A, 649 P, +103, 532 PIM, 906 HIT, 273 SB, 38 GW

PO: 83 GP, 43 G, 79 A, 122 P, +8, 68 PIM, 157 HIT, 34 SB, 9 GW


S74 Christian Stolzschweiger Trophy (Top Rookie)

1x All-VHL Second Team (S77)

Two Continental Cups (S78, S80)


If Tsujimoto was a late bloomer than Dakota Lamb started fast and kept going. Top rookie in his first VHL season, Lamb may not have won another individual award but demonstrated remarkable consistency, clearing the 100-point mark thrice in his career and falling below a point-per-game pace only once. That consistency was ultimately rewarded by the voters as well as Lamb's key role in the rise of the Warsaw Predators who made him their first ever draft pick and in return he captained them to their first ever championship. Lamb became a different animal each time the playoffs rolled around, finishing as the all-time leader in playoff assists, with 79, finally beating Scotty Campbell's long standing record.




Taro Tsujimoto - 14/15

Dakota Lamb - 9/15


Roque Davis - 5/15

Erik Killinger - 1/15

Jakab Holik - 1/15

John Merrick, Matty Socks, Lee Xin - 0/15



Congratulations @Gustav and @dlamb on your first Hall of Fame inductions!



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Yoooo! Insane, I knew I had an outside chance but didn't think it'd ever happen.


Thank you to all the people that made Lamb's career so great, I couldn't have done it without you. ❤️ 




Congrats @Gustav as well :) 

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5 hours ago, DoktorFunk said:

When the fuck did @Gustavmake a good player?!


Now that you're back, if I start to be terrible it's your fault.



I had an amazing time with Taro's career--it seemed like every season I got better in some way. While I knew this was coming for a bit, it's still amazing to see Taro being recognized as one of the greats--and I love that I managed to get past one of the most forgettable careers of all time with Garcia for it. I knew the name and the player concept were perfect for the VHL--too good to go as poorly--and I'm incredibly happy that a year-plus of building effort paid off in one of the best ways possible. 


Congrats to @dlamb as well! Your player was great from the start...and the fact that someone managed to break any Scotty Campbell record is HoF-worthy in itself.


And, simply because I need to...


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