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Jason’s Junior Review

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Born on September 24 2001 was a boy called Jason he lived in Manitoba Canada and loved to play hockey the only problem was there family didn’t in-joy seeing him play hockey because they where horse lovers and did horse jumping, they wanted to see Jason follow there foot steps but Jason really did not want to do horse jumping he always asked for hockey equipment for his birthday or Christmas but never got them and because he was little he also didn’t have money to afford to get hockey equipment, his family never supported him when he talked about hockey, only one guy did his oldest brother who always wanted do get him skates but didn’t have enough money because he was 15 years old and wasn’t old enough to work but the older brother always said if I have enough money to buy you skates I will buy you a pair of skates this encouraged Jason to keep his dream to become a hockey player, one year later his brother gave him a pair of skates for his birthday without Jason’s family seeing the skates, Jason practiced every day for an hour at least he was able to walk to the ice rink because it was only a quarter mile walk, he also played a lot with is brother. Jason was 16 years old where he asked his parents if he could join the high school hockey team of course the parents said no but then the the dad said actually Jason we will think about it, Jason was so surprised and thanked the the dad so much, a week later the dad came into Jason’s room and said that he could join the high school team Jason jump up in surprised ran to his older brothers room to tell him the good news the brother was so happy for him. they both went to the high school to ask if Jason could join the high school team, the coach said that the team will have team try outs next week Saturday. on Saturday Jason went to the team tryouts the coach was so surprised how Jason played hockey and took him right aways. The coach was really happy how Jason was playing, one day the coach came to Jason’s house and said that he has to speak to Jason about something the parents said yes and led the coach to Jason’s room then the coach said team Wild from the CANHL want to draft you this season Jason couldn’t believe this he came to his parents and told them this, the parents where so happy for him and the coach said what do you say Jason, Jason responded with a “of course” the coach said ok I will tell them and that you want to be drafted by them. Few years later Jason was Captain of the Wild and played really good, the coach again was happy with Jason. A few days later he got a notification that the Mexico Kings from the VHLM want to draft him Jason was really excited that Mexico Kings want to draft him. A month past and the VHLM draft was about to start then came the first pick then the second and it went one like that, then came the 66th overall pick " As the 66th overall pick the Mexico Kings select... JASON, Jason was so excited to be picked by Mexico kings even if he was 66th over all pick, then a season later Jason had the choice to be traded to a other team or to stay with Mexico Kings Jason picked to stay with the Mexico Kings, and that’s where it stands Jason is going to play for the Mexico Kings and this is probably the last season he’s going to play for them Mexico Kings and then he’s going to play for the VHLE Istanbul Red Foxes.

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I always knew horse people were crazy. “Can’t afford” to put their kid in hockey but more than happy to put him in equestrian sports. The hypocrisy!


 This was a huge update week for you, Jason’s going to have another strong season with Mexico. :cheers:

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