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The Off-Season Continues To Off-Season

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The main off-season activities are pretty much done and dusted now, but there's still the interesting matter of figuring out how teams are going to become cap compliant. Three teams are still over the cap as of writing and they are Seattle (500K over), Riga (3.5M over) and Toronto (5.5M over) and it's going to interesting to see what method they take to become cap compliant, especially Seattle and Riga since simply trading off a player would have them icing less than 10 skaters (the usual full roster mark) meaning they are likely to address the situation in more elaborate ways. 


Also one small thing I noticed that hopefully won't require too much to fix, if at all, I noticed that inactive S77-79 players haven't faced depreciation properly. Like their hybrid attributes have been depreciated but their STHS attributes remain the same as they were pre-depreciation (e.g. Rolf Fizzlebeef Jr. is listed as 86 PA but his hybrid attributes should only have him at 84). Hopefully that's either an easy fix or something that actually doesn't even need fixing and will sort itself out automatically over time cause dev team have obviously done a lot of great work recently and deserve a nice easy off-season this go round. 

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Every day is a new action that leads to actions. We are currently looking closely at the solutions we have available for Toronto. 

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