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Shawn Blab #2

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Another week, another blab. I've worked every day this week, and for those unaware I deliver pizzas. My entire financial being depends on earning good tips from people, which is alright with me, I live in a rather wealthy town with lots of old people who want to give their money away. I just haven't been working as much this summer due to a number of things. The college I go to is hosting highschool camps though for sports, and it's not fun when 300 kids walk into our tiny little dominos at 11:30pm ordering thousands of dollars worth of food, nevermind the other hundred or so kids who order for delivery and I gotta drive back and forth 10 times a night, having kids swarm my car asking "uh is that for me" and then they say the darndest things. It's like these kids grew up without parents, I mean who the hell tells their male delivery driver "You're cute bro, I'm bricked up right now you're giving me a boner."


Work aside, I've been sleeping in till noon every day. I like the extra sleep, I'm a night shift worker so I can justify it. However I also get tired around the time that I need to go back to work, right when my day is getting started, so it's a bit awkward. Avs won tonight, I think I'm gonna go to the game 5 watch party at the Tivoli Quad, might just end up on TV and see Colorado hoist the cup. I thought about buying tickets but when it's $1200 to sit in the nosebleeds, that's a no from me dog

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Tickets in Colorado are very expensive! I understand you not spending $1200 to sit in the bleachers, you mentioned Pizza, now I'm hungry, unfortunately in my town everything is closed at this time, I don't know what I'm going to do but well we'll see.

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