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A New Moscow


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Euron Leonidas' reaction when he realized he had to give up Duncan Idaho due to salary cap issues.


It's been quite the off-season for General Manager Euron Leonidas, who had significant cap challenges that arise when you're producing a championship contending roster for 4 straight seasons... it does eventually catch up to you, and in this case, it was the pocketbook. Over the cap by a significant margin, Leonidas was faced with the difficult decision of parting with one of his core centerpieces over the last 4 seasons simply because Moscow was over the salary cap. Duncan Idaho, Hard Markinson, The Seabasstard, and Papa Emeritus, all top-tier talent in their respective draft classes, and gelled together on the ice like a symphony. When testing the waters on the market, it was Duncan Idaho who garnered the most interest, and ultimately made the most sense to move on an asset management level. Seeing Idaho in the DC uniform next season will be sad to see for myself, and it will feel slightly off, but the Moscow roster wishes him the utmost success on that extremely talented roster. A new face on defense acquired this off-season as well, is Flynn Remy, who will add great depth and a strong 2nd pairing defenseman alongside Wattson Power. Some new prospects are entering the VHL for the first time as well, and hope to shine in their first season, those 2 names are Jason Argos and Tomas Sogaard. Two players who have played their entire respective careers together through Mexico City Kings to the Istanbul Red Wolves, and now on the Moscow Menace. Familiarity will help moving up, as they try to adjust to the faster pace game ahead. With only one week until the season starts, there is a lot of anticipation around the league for how each team will come out of the gate.

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