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My first sig! (its bad but dont make fun of me it took me some time)

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Gets easier with time. You find new techniques and different styles over time. Trial and error. Youtube has a ton of tutorials for different programs.

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I also find that having a reference helps a lot. Just googling "Sports Graphics" and finding one you like and then trying to recreate it is a great way to learn new techniques in a more targeted way. At that point it becomes less of a creative free flowing process and more of a puzzle. Trying to figure out how the artist created the effects they did, and how you can get visually similar results.


For me I'll usually watch a fair amount of tutorials to figure out some new techniques, then try and find a reference graphic that uses similar effects to get "practical experience" using those new techniques, it really helps them stick and teach you how to actually use and adapt them in your own work.


Then once you are comfortable with enough different ways of doing things, you can start exploring your own style and figuring out what you enjoy making.

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