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Interim GM Episode 2: The Interimening


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Originally, @Ledge was planning to step down from Miami Marauders GM at the end of the season (along with others, which will not be announced until such time as they become relevant) but given recent events he has decided to accelerate that timeline a bit, which is of course completely understandable - we all enjoy this place and commit our varying degrees of time to it, but it is a game, so if things are happening in real life it's understandable to need to prioritize that. So we have decided (for the second time across my tenure in particular) to name an interim GM. Insert obligatory two dog gifs so that the hire doesn't appear in the preview:


White Dog GIF
dog show GIF by Westminster Kennel Club

Congratulations to @Lemorse7 - the guy is on constantly, and will be able to deal with the flow of new people coming in through the ads, given Miami is one of the teams with available space for players. Full disclosure: we had reached out to a different candidate first, who is more closely affiliated with Miami in particular, but that candidate is in his busiest time of year right now - he is definitely still viable moving forward. Should both Lemorse and that candidate be given positions in the next round of full hires, it is likely some team shuffling will occur a la the Gus-Berocka transition in Mississauga. 

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