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Junior Review - Klaus Kraus


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Klaus Kraus - Center - 6' 2" - 220 lbs. - Age: 18 - Shoots: Left


Klaus Kraus is an eighteen year old ice hockey player hailing from Frankfurt, Germany. His father, Kris, is a professional hockey player for the Löwen Frankfurt. Klaus credits his father for inspiring him to pursue his dream of playing in the VHL. His mother Kristina is a stay at home mother of Klaus' eight younger siblings. As the eldest son of such a large family Kraus has always contributed as a leader to his many brothers and sisters. This has directly translated to Klaus' personality on the ice as he is always looking out for his teammates. Quoted as saying, "I don't want to sound cliché but it's the teamwork." when asked what his favorite part about being on the ice was. "An honest, hardworking, team player is what you'll get with Kraus." , his high school coach's words.


Kraus is known for his dominate physical performances on both ends of the hockey rink. The young German prospect possesses several major strengths going into the VHLM draft which are his ability to dominate faceoffs, his strength in the corners, and standing 6' 2" and weighing in at an even 220 lbs. Kraus is the ideal size for a physical two-way center. However, he's not only a physical player. Kraus is both a consistent and proficient player on both sides of the battle. Always watching for the open man and covering down on any holes in the defense he shows a high hockey IQ. Kraus' crushing checks are also worth noting but we'll see if that translates to the bigger bodied boys of the VHLM. We expect to see goals, assists, and hits provided with the necessary TOI.


Off of the ice Kraus is known for his kindness and larger than life attitude. He enjoys hunting and fishing with his family all across the German countryside. It's been confirmed that he does not own a television set and likely wouldn't own a cell phone if not for their undeniable convenience. When he's not practicing or enjoying the great outdoors Kraus spends a great deal of time mentoring and tending to his many younger siblings. Over the last two summers Kraus has worked part time as a custodian for the local school district which only further exemplifies his willingness to do put in the hard work as well as his commitment to the teams he's apart of.


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