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The VHLM Playoffs Have Arrived. Who Takes Home the Founder's Cup?


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Yes. I am giving this special PT article to discuss the playoffs in the VHLM. These are my predictions for the battle of the Founder's Cup, and I expect shade to be thrown at me because of some of my predictions. 


#1 Las Vegas Aces (58-9-5, 121 PTS) vs #8 Saskatoon Wild (22-48-2, 46 PTS)

This first round matchup features the #1 Las Vegas Aces going against the #8 Saskatoon Wild. In what seems like an absolute 4-0 sweep in favor of the Aces, the current Cup favorite is on a bit of a downturn. The Aces have lost their last 3 games, losing to Mississauga twice (5-1, 3-2) and Houston once (4-0). Because of these losses, LV's probability of winning the Founder's Cup has dropped. Saskatoon, on the other hand, hasn't won a game since my last post of the regular season (8/1). Because of this, I feel that Saskatoon isn't ready for the dominant threat of the Aces. Watch Al Land for the Aces, I expect him to lead the league in playoff points after Round 1. 

(LVA wins 4-0)


#3 Mississauga Hounds (48-17-7, 103 PTS) vs #7 Ottawa Lynx (24-41-7, 55 PTS)

In this matchup, the East Champs #3 Mississauga Hounds are facing the #7 Ottawa Lynx in what should also seem like a one-sided matchup. Mississauga are on a high note after defeating Las Vegas twice to end the season. In what has boosted their chances at spoiling another cup run for the Aces, I think that they are potentially the Cup favorites if they play Vegas in the next rounds. Ottawa on the other hand has had a below-average season. They took several defeats to the Hounds earlier in the year, and I feel like they will suffer the same defeat in the playoffs. One player to watch in this series is Lorenzo Cobberson, who lead Mississauga in scoring and was in the top 10 in the league for scoring.

(MIS wins 4-1)


#2 Houston Bulls (49-18-5, 103 PTS) vs #6 Halifax 21st (37-26-9, 83 PTS)

The #2 Houston Bulls take on the #6 Halifax 21st in the First Round of the Founder's Cup Playoffs. The Bulls, coming out of nowhere to steal the #2 overall seed from the Mexico City Kings and Mississauga Hounds, are prime to take out the 21st. The Bulls only lost to Halifax once during the regular season and have been threats to become the new champs of the VHLM. Halifax, on the other hand, has had a decent season, sitting in the sixth spot for a while. While I think that Halifax could maybe play spoils to the Bulls playoff run, I don't think they'll have enough in the tank to upset the #2 seed. One player to watch in this series is Jeffery Bezos, who was #2 in the league in scoring for Halifax. 

(HOU wins 4-1)


#4 Mexico City Kings (47-16-9, 103 PTS) vs #5 Philadelphia Reapers (45-23-4, 94 PTS)

And now, for the most entertaining series in the First Round, the #4 Mexico City Kings faceoff against the #5 Philadelphia Reapers. Both teams won 3 games against the other during the regular season and can expect this series to go to 7. Mexico City was the #2 team overall in the league on 8/1 and looked primed to holding onto that spot going into the playoffs. However, after a little skid and the other teams behind them picking up momentum, the Kings fell to 4th off of a tiebreaker. Philadelphia is riding on a two game winning streak and is looking to upset the #4 seed. I think that even though Mexico City may be a distant favorite for the Founder's Cup, I think Philadelphia can play spoils and win the series in 7. Players to watch include Jon Webber Jr (PHI) and Tater Tottingham (MEX), who both appeared in the top 10 in the league in scoring.

(PHI wins 4-3)



#1 Las Vegas Aces (58-9-5, 121 PTS) - 35%

#3 Mississauga Hounds (48-17-7, 103 PTS) - 32%

#2 Houston Bulls (49-18-5, 103 PTS) - 17%

#4 Mexico City Kings (47-16-9, 103 PTS) - 8%

#5 Philadelphia Reapers (45-23-4, 94 PTS) - 5%

#6 Halifax 21st (37-26-9, 83 PTS) - 2%

#7 Ottawa Lynx (24-41-7, 55 PTS) - 1%

#8 Saskatoon Wild (22-48-2, 46 PTS) - <1%


As per usual, get mad. Tell me why I'm wrong. I'd like to read your comments.

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First of all, I'm deeply offended about your predictions about the Halifax 21st. Your reasoning is perfectly sound and you're most likely correct in your assessment, but that doesn't mean I'm not DEEPLY offended 😜


Anyway, I quite enjoyed reading this. Partially because I'm personally invested in the subject, but also because your analyses were clear, concise, and well enough researched. I've also always been a fan of a colourful presentation. I don't have much to criticize other than your obviously incorrect opinions about my beautiful mediocre team. If we were 40 or so seasons in the past, this article would be an easy 6/6.


Great work! :cheers:

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