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Team Brigade AGM (JST) / San Diego Marlins AGM (VHLM)

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Hello VHL Community, I come to you today with an opportunity. This isn’t your standard VHLM AGM job posting, nor is it your standard JST AGM job posting. Allow me to lay it out to you below:

What I am looking for is someone to be my AGM for the Junior Showcase Tournament. From there, ideally, I am hoping to have said person graduate into my AGM with San Diego starting next season.

Here are the characteristics I would look for in a person to fill this position:

-          Someone with no/outdated/limited management experience.

-          Someone who earns capped TPE well, and more importantly, consistently.

-          Someone with a strong interest in eventually becoming a GM at any level.

-          Someone with a passion for development, recruitment, new member satisfaction and retention.

-          Someone who wants to see change, and has ideas on how to achieve it


You may note I haven’t included a set of responsibilities here, because that isn’t the intention of this posting. I am looking for someone to grow into a GM, not someone to help me complete all of the tasks necessary to GM. You don’t need to come in ready to be the perfect AGM on day 1.


I encourage any and all to apply, and I am excited to talk to all of you and judge your fit with this job and its circumstances. Please reply in the thread with your interest, or for those eager to make a strong first impression, I encourage you to message me directly here on the forum, or on Discord (JakoSaskar11#8090).


I am hoping to make a decision before the upcoming JST Draft next week!

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