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Bana Blabs #52

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Playoffs are here and so are my days off.. Thank god for one of the two. Playoffs means it's time to get down to business and that the off-season is slowly creeping up... that means a lot of work - YIKES! Days off is good. It's nice to get away from that place for a little while because it's been very busy and the politics side of things can get very old.. same with kissing ass and higher ups not taking accountability ;)  Back to the VHL, playoffs are starting and while that does mean all the work is coming.. it also means the Bears are back in action once again for the playoffs and everyone is HYPED!


  • Calgary plays Toronto and is currently up 2-0. They were VERY even in the regular season. Looking at their rosters, I'd give it to Toronto but here we are with a different story in the wildcard round of the playoffs.
  • Davos and Riga are tied 1-1. I have to go with Davos here. Some best people are on that team and Riga is always consistently decent. Be nice to see Davos have some success for once.
  • We play Chicago next, right? That's going to be a good series. Seattle had 9 more points, scored 9 more and let in 11 less. GF difference was +43 to +23.. While Chicago is an up and coming team, they have some strong pieces and depth within their O and D that can over power teams. It's going to be a fun series I bet and anyone can win it! GL!
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