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VSN Presents: S85 Offseason Recap


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Hi Everyone, and welcome to the VSN Season 85 Offseason Recap! In this article we will recap all the offseason moves made by every team. In addition to this we will have a VHL Season update article coming out later today.


Written by: VSN Scouting ( @N0HBDY, @badcolethetitan, and @Doomsday)

Graphics by: @N0HBDY and @v.2  (backgrounds)



image.png.6e3a39ed60c6062df26ae2c2d59cd4da.png   This offseason Chicago re-signed most of their expiring players and made one major trade to help bring the team into a prime competiting position. That trade brought in depth defenseman Juice Box and goaltender Cole Pearce @N0HBDY from London. The Phoenix still with only a 5-4-1 roster will likely be on the hunt for that final forward to complete this star studded Chicago team.
image.png.8a6d222a662d623903f882c8d0753870.png   Calgary came out of the offseason having been pretty quiet with their only trades being during the draft. Their only real major move was drafting defenseman Phil Strasmore @Phil and calling them up right up. Otherwise Calgary mainly focused internally by locking up many of its players for multi-season deals, those players being Landon Wolanin @jacobcarson877, Leandro Goncalves @leandrofg, and AirRig GoodBrandSun @Rhynex Entertainment.
image.png.9d8c1b161ab33b8347ccd0d04ed6eb9a.png   Davos’s offseason was relatively quiet with the Dynamo focusing on its younger players and locking them out for a couple more seasons, some less than others, but those players being Siyan Yasilievich@badcolethetitan, Pete Mitchell @Crstats23, and Jake Thunder @Thunder. Their only major moves were acquiring veteran Alex Johnston @Alex who’s on his last season for the cheap price of a third round pick, then signing goaltender David Davis @Josh for another season but no more than that per Davis’s demands.
image.png.c72397c5e0fea9933d34c692ccefc9f2.png   D.C has filled out it's roster through calling up some of it's prospects and adding 3 players through free agency and trades. Coming in through a trade from Riga is forward Darth Kaprizov @Darth Kaprizov who is a huge addition along with free agency signings Nezuko @Baozi and Milan Dvorak @solas. The Dragons rock a 6-4-1 roster and 500k still available in cap space.
image.png.78e6d5b6ff3573ad334b4910f6c4beac.png   Helsinki this offseason was very quiet, some might say that they were too quiet. Well, with their GM going MIA and nobody being able to step in the helm, eventually their AGM took over and was able to make a few moves to try to salvage the disaster that is Helsinki. This team right now has two defenseman, a superstar goalie, and six forwards, which to be honest, isn’t as bad as it seemed. However, this team only made three moves, signing a couple players to just be able to compete. The best move they have had was signing Cobalt Burns @Ledge and getting him on board long term. Regardless, this team is in shambles and this season it’ll be very interesting to see what happens.
image.png.ab1c5103e2986c18c5fdb42530b8d793.png   The Stars are making the most of the newly expanded salary cap with an 8-4-1 roster. The only way they brought in players was through the trade market which they managed to grab Brian Kowalski @Wheaties, Jason Argos @Insypher, and Sirdvaldis Miglaskems @FrostBeard. A relatively young roster that is entirely signed through S86 with no real long term commitments being made currently. Though with many highly prospective players to come up in the future such as Sebastien Dokis @Sebastien, Todd Cooke, and Reno Reinhold @Reno.
image.png.e4c4f213498d6e587a6cc67fd93a917b.png   London started their offseaon by re-signing depth skaters Branden Skuin @DrunkMonkey23 and Ivan Retoslav @eagle_3450, while also trading away Juice Box @Siddhus and Cole Pearce @N0HBDY for a 1st. Finally moving into free agency the United managed to sign veteran Jerome Reinhart @MexicanCow123 and a younger Kakapo Bushtit @Esso2264 to finish out their 6-4-1 roster.
image.png.c16c4c0a6adfe1401bc344bd4a69b001.png   The Nighthawks were making moves from trading to signing player in free agency. Malmo brought in four players through trade, those players being Donny Carter @TheNeonShaman, Bob Chicoine @PoignardLeclerc11, Jakub Brozik @Viper, and Max Torq @Steve. Even after bringing in those four players they signed Bogdan Trunov @qripll from free agency and called up Noodles Marconi @Eynhallow to finish with a 6-4-2 roster.
image.png.cd936c3254c67669d87159fb9b7fd04a.png   The Menace stayed true to their roots this offseason with their priority being re-signing franchise goaltender Papa Emeritus @Beketov for what is now the rest of his career. Moscow acquired two players by trade, Jannik Nylen @DreMin15 and Robert Wilk @Tomat0 who will fill out the roster and hope to hang onto a competitive role.
image.png.57b36871a2c6a12e0ce1a658f0231255.png   New York was a lot like Malmo this offseason and have ended up piecing together a decent roster. Three prospects will join the Americans, Malum Maellard @frescoelmo, Doug Matchett @jacobaa19 and Daniel Weaver @ThePerfectNut. Three more players will come in from free agency, veteran Henri le Massif @Garsh, Poopy Peepants @JardyB10, and Taylor Mourning @scoop will join the Americans and beef up their front line talent. Lastly coming in from a trade is Weenuk Warrior @KnightRiley to finish out the New York 6-4-1 roster.
image.png.c0b15c4070d5e12318052e5dcb99f2cc.png   Prague this offseason has been continuing their rebuild, with signing most of their prospects to their entry level contracts. I still think it’s going to take maybe one more season for Prague to be able to at least play some meaningful games, but they are taking a step in the right direction. One player I want to point out is Nikolas Kauppi @Tetricide, who is a very active player and he will help bring life to the locker room. The future is bright for Prague and if they continue what they’ve been doing, they should be competing in no time.
image.png.c80cbd3c9091fd9cdef415afed47f291.png   Heading into this offseason Riga was looking to move into a rebuilding phase for the franchise. Through mainly free agency the Reign were able to piece together a roster of whatever they could get. Riga has obtained a decent amount of valuable picks which will come in handy to replace the majority of it's players who are set to retire in the next couple of seasons. Through free agency Riga brought in Bob Beach @Big Bob, Phoebe Bridgers @GrittyIsKing, Julia Waffles @Edustava, Ashton Komaryk @Komaryk, and Tyler Reinhart @Zetterberg. The last of it's incoming players came through trade where the Reign acquired Daniel Clarke @Danzo and John Baard @Birdman for a 6-4-1 roster.
image.png.a6d2dcea99b59361b2ebd556fa98407f.png   Seattle went into the offseason over cap and needing to dump some of it's player's and got just that from Malmo and Los Angeles. Seattle dumped two high payroll players and filled them in with incoming prospects Chip Stone @DoktorFunk and Velociraptor Greg @samx. The Bears also signed one player through free agency, Calix Pearce @Laine, to fill out their defenseman and have a final 5-4-1 roster.
image.png.aceab8dd074c46a9670a146beaf5cbbc.png   Toronto had a lot of rostered players before this offseason and needed to unload a couple more players on top of the ones that were expiring. The Legion traded 3 players for picks in the draft this past offseason. After the outgoing players Toronto then brought up 5 of its prospects, Harry Hagel@jasplunds, Calen McKay @Kendrick, Cole Caufield Jr @weekz, Alessio Simeoni @Alesime, and Tyler Busser @lil OG z. Toronto continues to run with its trend of having a young roster in recent seasons and shows it with a 7-4-1 roster.
image.png.f31e1c95f6bac2bf4448a2de478d0680.png   Vancouver was making moves this offseason, through trades, free agency, and drafting the team has exploded into a competitive role once again after only a couple of seasons. The Wolves signed two notable players this offseason, Nico Pearce @Spartan being the first notable player to sign to Vancouver for a single season deal along with an NTC. The second notable player is veteran Anze Miklavz @kelvi who is on their last season but will have a huge impact for the Wolves roster. Vancouver also called up prospect Henry Eagles @Greg_Di after drafting him just this past offseason. Lastly to complete the roster through trades they also brought in Nathan Powers @JB123, Biggie Cheese @a_Ferk, and Alexander Leduc @Lemorse7.
image.png.1c840b2b975ada54e9cbe24a989e7ded.png   Warsaw was kind of a one touch of each category this offseason, they dipped their toe into the free agency pool, trading pool, and the prospect pool each one time. After leaving for free agency Warsaw signed Har Singh Nalwa @Dil. Through trading the Predators brought Johnny Xavier @Johnny_HX. Lastly through the prospect pool Warsaw called up Sock Monkey @chikn to fill out whatever they can of the roster which is now a 6-3-1.



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