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a tale of two Brothers // Almost mid-way through the season

Daniel Janser

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Graphic courtesy of Leandrofg

(Marcel's stats/Daniel's stats)


In today's issue we will have a compacted summary, only displaying the score as well as the Jansers' respective stats. As a final point there will be an interview with Calgary's captain Daniel Janser on the state of the Wranglers and more. Without further ado, please find our catch up as follows:




In this classic encounter between two original Eight franchises (and the only two to never undergo a relocation or rebranding) the Wranglers walked away with a win against the Toronto Legion.

Marcel had 0g, 0a and +4

Daniel had 0g, 0a, 4 PIM (Holding Stick and Goalie Interference, the former lead to a goal against), 5 hits, 1sb and 50.00FO%




In another traditional match up, the Wranglers lost in a tight game to the Bears. A note for the history book is Marcel's first VHL goal. Also noteworthy is that the other Calgary goal was scored by his sibling.

Marcel logged 1g, 0a, +0 and 1sb

Daniel logged 1g, 0a, -1, 5 hits and 55.81% success at the draw




The next match was against London United and was won by Calgary 4-2.

Marcel achieved 0g, 1a, +1, 1 hit and 1sb

Daniel achieved 0g, 1a, +1, 5 hits and 75.00FO%




The Wranglers continued to win, this time in an undisputed 5-1 victory. Marcel scored his first game winner.

Marcel was noted with 1g, 0a, +3, 3hits and 4sb

Daniel was noted with 2g, 0a, +2, 2 PIM (Hooking, no effect on the score), 2 hits, 2sb and 61.90FO%




In a match where both defensive rows excelled, the Calgary Wranglers conceded to Davos in a 2-1 loss.

Marcel had 0g, 0a, -1 and 1 hit to his name

Daniel had 1g, 0a, -1, 2 PIM (Tripping, no goal scored against in the ensuing power play), 9 hits, 1sb and 69.44FO% to his name.




In an other close game, the Wranglers succumbed to the Americans in a 3-2 defeat.

Marcel was reported with 0g, 1a, -1 and 1 hit

Daniel was reported with 0g, 1a, +0, 2 PIM (Hooking, no effect on the score), 3 hits and a 68.57% win rate from the hash marks




The Wolves took revenge for their earlier loss and shut out Calgary in 3-0 loss for the Alberta team.

Marcel left the ice with 0g, 0a, -1, 2 PIM (Diving, no goal scored against), 2 hits and 3sb

Daniel left the ice with 0g, 0a, +0, 6 PIM (2xHooking, Tripping, the latter leading to a goal against), 2 hits, 2sb and 44.44FO%



4-3 (OT)

The Wranglers lost to the New York Americans in a hard fought 4-3 overtime loss, despite outshooting the US team 44-27.

Marcel had 0g, 0a, -1, 2 hits and 1sb

Daniel had 1g, 1a, +0, 2 hits and 53.23FO%




Calgary achieved a well deserved 4-2 win against Davos.

Marcel logged 1g, 1a and -1

Daniel logged 0g, 1a, +1, 2 PIM (Tripping, no effect on the score), 2 hits, 1sb and 55.81FO% 



4-3 (SO)

The Wranglers took redeemed themselves against the Americans in a 4-3 shootout win.

Marcel was noted with 0g, 0a, +1, 2 hits and 2sb

Daniel was noted with 1g, 0a, +0, 2 PIM (Hooking, no goal scored against), 2 hits and 67.35FO%




The Wranglers walked away with a 5-2 win in this very onesided match.

Marcel was reported with 0g, 0a, +0 and 1sb

Daniel was reported with 3g, 1a, +4, 4 PIM (Hooking, Slashing, the former leading to a goal against), 9 hits, 55.56FO% and a 1st Star distinction




In a well matched game, the Wranglers lost 5-3 to the Stars.

Marcel had 0g, 0a, -2, 1 hit and 5sb to his name.

Daniel had 0g, 2a, +1, 4 PIM (Roughing, Hooking, no effect on the score), 3 hits and a 58.97% win rate at the draw to his name.




In what can only be described as a merciless butchery, the Wranglers defeated the Nighthawks (rather tits in this instance) in a 8-2 landslide victory.

Marcel achieved 0g, 1a, +5, 2 hits and 3sb

Daniel achieved 2g, 2a, +2, 10 PIM (Boarding, High Sticking, 2xHooking, Tripping, no effect on the score), 6 hits and 62.86FO%


The brothers' stats after thirty matches in the regular season present themselves as follows:

Marcel: 30gp, 3g 7a, 10pts, +13, 2 PIM, 26 hits, 51sb, 1gwg, 1ppg

Daniel: 30gp, 21g, 23a, 44pts, +13, 70 PIM, 106 hits, 14sb, 1gwg, 6ppg, 57.40FO% and 3 first Star nominations


Our Canadian correspondent Jean-Luc Lieuxperroux (JLL) was able to talk to the older Janser brother (DJ) for a quick interview.


JLL: 'Hi Daniel, almost half of the season is played in the VHL and the Wranglers stand at third seed in the NA conference trailing the Bears and the Dragons. As the league's top scorer, one could argue that this good position is held by Calgary to no small part thanks to you.'

DJ: 'Hi Jean-Luc, good to see you. And one would be wrong. See, I won't deny that it feels good to be, at least temporarily, at the top of the scoring table. But wins, or losses for that matter, are always a team effort. I try to stand up to my responsibility as a member of the leadership group and lead by example, rather than words. So far it seems to work. A big thank goes to my alternates AirRig and Saku, who are also exemplary in their attitude as well as their performance. Luc, Saku and I are competing for the team leader in scoring and AirRig is amongst the topscoring defenders in the VHL. Our younger players are not slacking either and make big strides in their development. Leandro is not for nothing a fix starter in the top line and Landon is providing crucial secondary scoring in Saku's formation. Our rookies in the defence Marcel and Strasmore make little to no big errors and are supported by veteran Jokinen who keeps them in check if they are getting too cocky. And we can rely every night on Dahl and Gaming to do their job and to give us a fighting chance.'

JLL: 'You passed GM Kris Rice's scoring total for the Wranglers franchise. Is this a topic which comes up in the locker room?'

DJ: 'Shush. Kris is Kross at me for making a remark or two, when I noticed it, so please do not mention it again. It is nice to be named among the Calgary greats, but I think I have still a lot to prove to be considered one of them.'

JLL: 'Winning a Continental Cup for example?'

DJ: 'That would certainly tilt the chances in my favour for sure.'

JLL: 'You are on track to a new record season and seem to be a viable candidate for the Boulet trophy this season. What are your thoughts?'

DJ: 'It certainly is an honour to be considered one of the best in your trade, I am not going to even try to pretend otherwise. It would be cool to bring home some silverware. This is not that important to me though, it is more the love for the sport and the support from our amazing fans that I feel every time when I enter the rink in the Saddledome.'

JLL: 'Speaking of love. You have been seen lately with a stunning red head. Is there anything you want to share with us?'

DJ (laughing): 'Well, I suppose there is no hiding from you eagle-eyed press member. Yes, I am in love and it is something serious. We will fill you in, once the lady in question is ready for all the public attention she will get. In the meantime we ask fans and press alike to not pry on the matter for the time being. We will go public as soon as is responsible.'

JLL: 'That sounds fair and I from my side will respect your appeal for privacy and patience on the matter. Thanks for sharing the information you felt comfortable to reveal, much appreciated.'

DJ: 'Thank you, Jean-Luc. I need to go now, or the team bus will leave without me.'

JLL: 'Of course, take care.'

DJ: 'You too.'


We will update our readers as soon as the story develops. Until then stay safe.







GM 147: Toronto Legion vs. Calgary Wranglers (vhlportal.com)

GM 157: Calgary Wranglers vs. Seattle Bears (vhlportal.com)

GM 164: London United vs. Calgary Wranglers (vhlportal.com)

GM 172: Calgary Wranglers vs. Vancouver Wolves (vhlportal.com)

GM 178: Calgary Wranglers vs. HC Davos Dynamo (vhlportal.com)

GM 183: New York Americans vs. Calgary Wranglers (vhlportal.com)

GM 192: Calgary Wranglers vs. Vancouver Wolves (vhlportal.com)

GM 199: New York Americans vs. Calgary Wranglers (vhlportal.com)

GM 211: HC Davos Dynamo vs. Calgary Wranglers (vhlportal.com)

GM 219: Calgary Wranglers vs. New York Americans (vhlportal.com)

GM 227: Prague Phantoms vs. Calgary Wranglers (vhlportal.com)

GM 234: Calgary Wranglers vs. Los Angeles Stars (vhlportal.com)

GM 242: Calgary Wranglers vs. Malmo Nighthawks (vhlportal.com)



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