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Lynx play, pounce and continue to smile during the second week (W2 Awards)

lil OG z

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:ott: Best Even Strength Player


LW Cash @glass Aleksic #00


Moving from wing to defense only seemed to boost Aleksic's game all around and with a valiant effort all week playing with a pair of new defenders Cash kept shooting while using his extra space to find chances to collect hits and shot blocks.

Now with a letter on his jersey and a fanbase giving full support whenever he recieves the puck we think the calm and cool demeaner should only help him adjust to the new responsibilities and even more chances from the coaching staff.


Previous Winners (S81):

Vomacka x2, Coiner x2

Lajeunesse, Buzzer, Live, Richards



:ott: Best PP/PK Player


C Jagger @Jaggerbomb Bomb #4


Defining the award by placing himself at the right times with different teammates continuously and had a couple points on both the PP and PK units.. Jagger Bomb is our winner. Not only did he lead the way for everyone else helping boost our specialty units but he did it on secondary time! 

Keep an eye on Bomb for sure because in the future as he continues to grow stronger each week we can see him becoming a top player in the league, the crowd already chants his name!!


Previous Winners (S81):

Laperriere, Live, Hagstrom, Torq, Dvorak, Vomacka, Lajeunesse, Dover



:ott: Team Workhorse


C Brayden @Gage2 Albrecht #53


Well it looks like we have another sure winner we have this week and he definitley showed the team how to put your head down and get to work, that players name is Brayden Albrecht.

Some of the things Albrecht did was keep the teams overall faceoffs intact, landed more hits than ever and increased performances around the net, at the end of the week Brayden became the teams 1st line center and still has more to prove as the team gears up for stronger opponents.


Previous Winners (S81):

Nugget x2

Dvorak, Torq, Buzzer, Vomacka, Live, St-Louis



:ott: Cleanest Player


LW Sadie @sadie St. Louis #26


Nobody would have expected the super busy Sadie St. Louis to not get her hands dirty while fighting for the puck on both ends of the ice all week while playing a ton of minutes but she did. Not only did she increase point production but did it with only being in the box twice.

A new line is formed on thhe second line and with our previous winner moving around a lot it looks like the not so physical St. Louis will be protected by stronger linemmates and could be our winner next week, maybe in a few spots.


Previous Winners (S81):

Clarke x3

Live, LeBlanc, Laperriere, Hagstrom, Swearingen



:ott: Game Changer


RW Ben Dover #69


All around wing Ben Dover came into this week with .ore improvements to almost every skill and hovered around the opposing teams net like a highlight reel machine trying to get an acting role, the Gretzky-like Dover had 3 game winning goals as well as a game tying goal which only added to his desire to be one of the best hockey players.

Just like he did last week on the specialty teams he cemented a role for himself and a constant tap on the back from the coach whenever the top dogs couldn't handle the pressure.


Previous Winners (S81):

Nu x2, Laperriere x2

Dvorak, Buzzer, Vomacka, Aleksic



:ott: Best Crease Effort


G Fuukka @Jubis Rask #40


Although our backup played pretty well in every one of his match ups this week it's the 2 assist Fuukka Rask shining again against the highest scoring team in Houston, leading the whole team to victory with 32 saves and a 0.970 it was clear the stretching and ball juggling has been paying off on the sidelines.

Night in and night out Fuukka found ways to excite the crowd and hold down the netting, showing future goaltenders what it takes to be a pro.. Especially our secondary goaltender.


Previous Winners (S81):

Nu x6


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