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JST S85 Finals Games 6&7

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JST - Game 20 - Delhi Pickles vs Brigade

This game was outstanding! The most physical game I've ever seen with a whopping eight fights with numerous other penalties. A total of 180 PIM between the two teams. The Brigade had their backs against the wall this game but they managed to fight Delhi off taking the series into an exciting game seven. Delhi manages to even the score late in the second period and both teams battle it out until a game winning go ahead goal scored by Hannibal Barca. Wow. What a game! After a game like this I'm sure both teams will be looking to rest up and get back onto the ice. The final game of this series is bound to be brilliant!

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JST - Game 21 - Delhi Pickles vs Brigade

The final game of what has been one of the most exciting series' in the history of the JST. Delhi's Bobandy scores the first goal of the game but Brigade answer back with two goals of their own ending the period 2-1. Antoine Barksdale scores early in the second period to tie the game. Both teams score again in the second which ends the period at 3-3. Antoine Barksdale and the Pickle's powerplay score again early in the third period, the Brigade were unable to rally back. A great game and a well deserved win by the Delhi Pickles!

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