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🔥Ash Sparks⚡️ - Prospect Scouting Report

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Name: Ash Sparks

Height: 6’1

Weight: 187 lbs

Position: Goalie

Age: 29

Birthplace: Mount Hope, Ontario, Canada

Shoots: Left / Right

Potential: Franchise (LOW) - Elite (HIGH)


•VHLM - 15th Overall (2nd Round) (S85)

•VHLE - 34th Overall (5th Round) (S86)

•VHL - 6th Overall (1st Round) (S86)




Player Render: Garett Sparks

Jersey Number: #39

NHL Comparison: Dominik Hasek, Jonathan Quick, Marc-Andre Fleury 

VHL Mentor / Agent: Jimmy Spyro  




Ash Sparks entered the league very late in S84, where the Houston Bulls picked him up as their backup goalie to finish off the season. Despite only appearing in 12 games for the Houston Bulls, he managed to rack up an impressive 9-2-1 record with an impressive .900 save % and even claiming 2 shutouts victories for his squad. Finding himself in the playoffs with Houston, he played 2 games behind fellow goaltender Bill Nye The Puck Stopping Guy where Sparks managed to earn the team a W, but lost in his 2nd showing in OT, thus resulting in Bill Nye playing the rest of the playoffs as he was intended to. Though his showing in the playoffs weren’t very promising, there were many moments where Sparks appeared as if he could become one of the better goalies this league has ever seen. 


During the off-season is where he managed to squeak his way into the illustrious ranks of the “Heavenly 7”, an elite list of the best goalies in the VHLM all at the same time. Being labeled as such came with more pressure for this rookie netminder, but that was only the beginning. 

Enter the S85 VHLM draft, one of the most stacked classes in goaltending talent the league has ever seen, ever. This would also go down as the season where 7/10 teams would have a maxed out goaltender to help their team compete.. it was unprecedented and straight up incredible to behold. Being one of the last of the Heavenly 7 to be drafted, Ash Sparks was drafted to the Halifax 21st. The pressure of being labeled a top goalie, was now about to be put to the test as he got drafted to one of the more “mediocre” teams and was going to have an extremely difficult time ahead of him.

Despite the slow start to the season, with a record of 1-8-1, the team started to rally on the back of Ash Sparks. He was consistently facing over 70-80 shots per game, and was standing on his head like a monster. The league stated, Ash Sparks at this time had been losing games by splitting hairs, and was surprisingly playing as if he was THE best goalie. This trend continued all season long, as if a myth and legend started to grow around Ash Sparks. Other teams were getting nervous of being goalied by Halifax every game they played Ash Sparks, and for good reason. He stole the most games out of every goalie that season, and was set on the hardest track to prove himself. Not only did he meet the demands and surpass all expectations placed around him, he proved that he was in fact the best goalie of that season to the players and fellow goalies alike. Sadly the league didn’t feel the same way, and shunned Ash Sparks from the awards, just like his mentor Jimmy Spyro predicted. “If you played against the Hounds like those guys did, your stats would have been inflated like theirs were too. You proved you were the best, hands down. The BoG doesn’t know shit, everyone knows who the best really was this season. It was you Sparks, no contest, no questions asked.” - Jimmy Spyro, after the VHLM award ceremony to the VSN press.


Enter the VHLE draft, where somehow Ash Sparks was completely overlooked by every single team. His talent and character led most teams to believe that he would be a top pick for any team, but sadly this wasn’t the case. Every team failed to do any scouting on Ash Sparks the season prior, leaving him to by left on the draft board until he was finally taken in the 5th Round by the Geneva Rush, as the 34th pick of the draft. This would place him as the 1-b goaltender behind fellow Heavenly 7 goalie and Ash Sparks’ friend, Joel Castle. Currently the 2 are on the worst team in the league, but they are performing amazingly, especially given their circumstances. Ash Sparks currently holds a 2-7-0 record in his 10 appearances (1 being in relief of Castle when he sustained an injury during his 2nd game of the season) and has put up some insane numbers. Sitting on a 0.944 save %, and facing an average of 60 shots per game, Ash Sparks is looking like an absolute god in net but this isn’t surprising to those that really know what Ash Sparks is capable of. 


Being graded with a low chance to reach Franchise potential, Ash Sparks was then drafted in the VHL draft 6th overall in the 1st round to the illustrious Seattle Bears organization. He was drafted before every other goalie, the inverse of the previous 2 drafts for the E and the M. A good portion of the league had their mind boggled, but again, those that know the legend that is forming around Ash Sparks, aren’t surprised by this. The only thing that remains an anomaly is how Sparks is still continuing to perform at such a god like level.. is it possible that he could be one of the next GOATs? Time will tell, but for now let’s dive into some of his traits.



Abilities (Pros)



The power of lightning courses through his veins, his reaction time is explosive and otherworldly, as if time is at a stand-still each time he goes to stop the puck.



When he’s feeling it, the whole team is. His Will of Fire reaches his teammates through every save he makes, inspiring them to skate harder and dig deeper into their reserves.



Sparks screams deathcore in the Locker Rooms between periods, rallying the team together, bolstering their moral and boosting their energy.



EYE OF THE STORM [passive]

When he’s in the zone, he’s as calm as the eye of the storm. You can sense the electricity in the air, an eerie feeling that he’s about to explode for a save like a bolt of lightning.




The more dire the situation, the more Sparks rises to the occasion.



..the motor on this man is inhuman. 



..the highlight reels are 90% Ash Sparks, it’s just how it is.



..seriously, how can 1 man alter the very fabric of reality time and time again!? .. teams fear playing against Sparks due to his ability to straight up steal games by himself.



Risks (Cons)



Oh.. cry me a river.. wait- not literally! .. .. Sparks is very critical on himself, and can easily spiral into depression if his teammates don’t support him.



Pfft.. who needs awards anyways? .. .. .. .. .. Just like his mentor, Jimmy Spyro, the BoG is out for blood with this one. Good luck seeing hardware buddy!



The fire that burns twice as hot, burns half as long.. … Sparks has an “all gas” mentality when he practices and plays. This high octane energy leads to him getting burnt out more frequently. 




..a fiery passion can be easily manipulated, don’t let the other players get in Sparks’ face too long or he is bound to take a penalty eventually.




..whether it’s ego, skill, or lack of relatability, Sparks may be destined for the top.. but it can be lonely, and that depression can affect his game significantly.


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