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Any goals for Klose going into next season?

What kind of player do you want Klose to be?

How are you fitting in NY? (you will be traded to seattle if you don't answer properly)



1. Will Klose hit 100 goals this year?

2. Favourite band?

3. Favourite food?

4. Favourite Colour?

5. Hot dogs or hamburgers?

6. Cats or dogs?

7. Favourite super hero (FUCK SPIDERMAN)

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Thoughts on the new VHL S40 forum skin? Which banner did you prefer between the current one by Moholt (just glass) or boubabi's (players + glass) or maybe someone els?


Do you ever use the VHL chat system? How much of a part did you play in the over-use, and subsequent shutdown, of it?


Have you had the chance to listen to any other VHL podcasts?  If so, do you have a favourite?


Any plans for Halloween? Do you or your family have any costumes planned yet? Are you going trick-or-treating this year?

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Loving the podcast! Keep them coming.

What is mr. der meister is driving during recording?

Where are you placing your phone where your phone doesnt sound to be jumbling around in your morning commute?

Now that you're already drafted, were there any teams you were secretly hoping to be drafted by?

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SHL vs VHL...what are the things you like with each league and is there anything implemented in the SHL that could be used in the VHL?


With Tordahl gone next year, do you think yourself and Moons can step up for New York and help them fight their way to the top again?


Did the league go too far with the Quad week or is it fair given the accomplishment?


Thoughts on the Vasty rebranding?

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