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Russell Dixon #19 - Jersey Retirement

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I have been thinking about this for a couple of time now and when I saw @FrostBeard do it with the Watchmen, I decided to do the same thing with the Gladiators. The VHLE is like an "in-between" league and there are a lot of players who come and go and are only in the league for one season and sometimes two. These players can have a big impact on their team for the season or two they play with them, but there are some rare players that stays in the VHLE, sometimes with the same team for 3,4 and sometimes 5 seasons. And these are the players that deserve recognition. Today I wanted to recognise one of them who played for the Rome Gladiators.


I am incredibly proud to announce :


Rome Gladiators Jersey Retirement


#19 Russell Dixon @Rjdixon01


Russell Dixon played his full five seasons in the VHLE with the Rome Gladiators from S80 to S84. He was drafted 65th overall in the first ever VHLE draft by the Gladiators and he never left the team until his retirement at the end of S84. Dixon has 102 goals and 143 assists for a total of 245 points in 360 games with Rome. In addition, he also has 510 hits and 1057 shots on goal. Russell is currently leading the team for the more all time goals, assists, points, games played, shots on goal and he his also third in hits. Dixon was also part of the team that won the Cup in S82. Russel Dixon was not only good on the ice at playing hockey, but he was also really good in the locker room with his teammates. Indeed, even if he was more of a silent leader, Russel was really respected by his teammates and this is a reason why he had an "A" on his jersey for the entirety of his stay with the team.


And for the last time, thank you for everything you did for the team!

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